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HIDING THE BAGUETTE: President Macron Was Forced to Deny ‘Gay Affair’ with Radio Boss 



PRESIDENT Macron was forced to deny rumours of an alleged romantic affair with a male media boss, sparking claims the French leader was hiding his sexuality with a political ‘showmance’ with Brigitte Macron. 

The un-founded allegations were reported amid the French election in back 2017, and Mr Macron shocked supporters by publicly dismissing the claims.

The rumour alleges that Macron had an male affair with the president of France Radio boss, Mathieu Gallet, pictured below.

Mr Macron hit back at the claims by telling supporters: “I am who I am, I have never had anything to hide.” 


“I hear people saying that I have a secret life or something. It’s not nice for Brigitte (his wife) and because I share all my days and nights with her, she asks me how do I manage it,” Macron said.

He continued: “If over dinners in the city, if on forwarded emails, you’re told that I have a double life with Mathieu Gallet or anyone else – then it’s my hologram that suddenly escaped, but it can’t be me!” .

A French MP was also quoted as saying “Concerning his private life, it is becoming known.” 

“He has a rich gay lobby, which supports him.” according to French news outlet The Local. 


The French President was also pictured half-naked in a French gay magazine during the 2017 Election.


Brain Magazine on Twitter: "Emmanuel Macron NU… "

The Garçon magazine, a bi-monthly magazine printed Emmanuel Macron posing topless.

The cover had the headline: “Coming out: a necessary fight.”

The magazine’s editor Christophe Sorettold told French media in 2017: “Many talk about having revived the controversy about the possible homosexuality of the candidate [Macron],”

“The latter clearly explained himself by indicating that he loved his wife and had no connection with a man. We do not revive this false story; we fight it!”




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