JIHADISTS ‘Infiltrating French Public Services’, Leaked MP Document Reveals

IN AN alarming report leaked by the French media, details claim that Islamic extremists and vile jihadists have infiltrated public services across France and other European nations with the agenda of Islamizing those countries.

In France, most of the policymakers already are concerned about the further infiltration of Islamists and jihadists in the public service, which would pose a grave threat to national security.

The Islamic State has long found successes in infiltrating Western countries through open borders, so this latest news “leaked” by the French press should come as no surprise. Any and everyone can infiltrate lax and porous (often border-line non-existent) borders.

Refugees break through a barbed-wire fence on the Greece-Macedonia border.

The new report, compiled by MPs Éric Diard of the conservative Republicans and Éric Poulliat of President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche questioned senior officials, researchers, and workers such as police and firefighters about Islamic radicalization.

According to the report, the European Union’s open borders are akin to removing all doors from homes in a dangerous neighborhood. Unfortunately, leaders opposed to open borders are often wrongly branded as racists and Islamophobes by the left-wing-dominated media. Such labeling is nothing more than stealth jihadist propaganda, intended to intimidate weak Westerners and assist in the Islamization of the Western nations, deemed to be Houses of War.

In 2018, it was revealed from an intelligence report of the French security agencies that a police officer in charge of the security for the staff of the satirical Charlie Herbo magazine might have become radicalized after viewing radical Islamist and jihadist propaganda materials.

EVIL COWARDS: One of the Islamic terrorists prepares to execute an injured police officer outside the Charlie Hebdo HQ.

In January 2015, the staff members of Charlie Hebdo were attacked by radical Islamic terrorists who killed 12 people – the majority of the victims being journalists working for the magazine.

According to counter-terrorism experts, the thought of jihadists working in police departments, emergency services, airports, hospitals, and transportation systems should be enough shock and awaken sleeping leaders to the truth that they are in gross neglect of duty in not confronting this advancing war against the West by jihadism.

Terrifying shots taken from inside the Charlie Hebdo office showed floors awash with blood.

The public is in danger and it is Western leaders to blame.  Their own personal fear about being called an “islamophobe” is more important to them than the public whom they claim to serve.

Jihadists have long documented and repeated what their intentions are, despite their taqiya [deception] operations of denial while they are actively engaged in subjugating the West.

According to leaked information from the report given to French news magazine Le Point, many of those interviewed by the MPs expressed concern over the issue, with one of the most poignant stories coming from a trade unionist from the RATP, the company in charge of the public transportation system in Paris. The trade unionist claimed that “premises are forbidden to women in terminals” and added that “practicing Muslims are targeting non-practicing female believers”.


Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of popular Bangladeshi newspaper Blitz and Senior Asia Editor of Politicalite. Follow him on Twitter at Salah_Shoaib

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. skipper

    June 22, 2019 at 22:00

    Most sane people has seen this coming for decades!
    The article rightly points to the real problem: our politicians are afraid of being called racist or islamophobe!
    Blood will float in the streets in Europe very soon, if there will be noone stopping this influx of islam!

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