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MILESTONE: French Yellow Vests Want ‘Frexit’ As Group mark THREE MONTHS of Protests

FRENCH Yellow Vest protesters have marked a three-month milestone since the start of the anti-globalist movement, and some are calling for ‘Frexit.’ 

Protesters have called for multiple rallies around Paris and some other French cities, including a Paris march expected to start at the Arc de Triomphe monument.

The increasingly divided movement has held protests every Saturday since November 17, but some groups are holding rallies this Sunday too, to celebrate its three-month birthday.

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An online invitation to Sunday’s main Paris march says “Let’s stay peaceful”.

Police fired tear gas and brought in water cannons and a horse brigade to disperse yellow vest protesters on Saturday in Paris.

Katerina, a Yellow Vest protester spoke to Voice of Europe and said: “I was tired of sitting at home doing nothing”, he says. “So, therefore, I went out into the streets when the Yellow Vest protests started a few months ago. It felt good to be involved and make a difference.”

“Macron and his followers are globalists, they don’t care about the French people. When he was elected, it was as a result of something that could be likened to exhaustion.”

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“People were sick of the right and of the left. They were hoping for something new, but they were also intimidated by the media, which painted a picture that there would be chaos if Marine Le Pen’s Front National came to power. And Macron was portrayed as a hero. People wanted change and saw Macron as someone who could give them that.”


On leaving the EU, the protester said: “Yes, I want Frexit, many Yellow Vests want it, although not everyone. But I’m tired of French laws being dictated by Brussels.”

“Those of us who want Frexit don’t want Brussels to control and make decisions about France without us having anything to say about it. And I don’t trust the politicians in Brussels. They don’t act in the interest of the people.”


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