VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION! Thousands Of The Forgotten People of France RISE UP Against Emmanuel Macron

FRANCE was in the midst of a ‘revolution’ today as it was claimed over 750,000 across the European nation had risen up against President Macron following a decision to raise fuel prices and a general decline of living standards.

The clashes were sparked by a rise in fuel tax, but it has morphed into an outpouring of Anger by both the left and the right, against the centrist French President, who is seen as out of touch with the daily concerns of ordinary French people.


In a similar case of Britain voting for Brexit, French natives are rising up against their Pro-EU Globalist masters.

The iconic Champs Elysee saw cars on fire with one EXPLODING as THOUSANDS took to the streets calling for President Macron to resign.


The Yellow Vests – gilets jaunes in French – are the group behind the protests.

One French-native told Politicalite: “The Yellow vests have been mandatory in any vehicle in France, to avoid accidents in case of a break down. Everyone has one at least in their car. They are using the vests as a symbol of revolt.”


“The increase of petrol was the straw which breaks the camel’s back.”

“The police have launched gases at the common peaceful demonstrators.”


“People are demonstrating peacefully, but some masked AntiFa individuals are trying to make some chaos.” said our source.

French interior minister, Christophe Castaner, said 8,000 protesters had arrived in Paris by mid-morning, 5,000 of them on the Champs Élysées, which had been closed off.

A week ago, around 280,000 gilets jaunes took part in protests at more than 2,000 locations across France. The demonstrations left two dead and more than 600 injured.

This is a developing story.

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