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BAN UKIP AND FARAGE: ‘Liberal’ Independent Calls For BLACKOUT Of UKIP And Farage


A flag-bearer for the so-called ‘liberal’ left and, of course, a leading proponent of the anti-democratic ‘Final Say’ second referendum, the Independent has called for UKIP and Nigel Farage to be barred for appearing on our television screens.

It follows the Spanish electoral board, the equivalent of our Electoral Commission, banning the populist Vox Party from a TV debate scheduled in advance of upcoming elections to the Spanish Parliament.

Independent columnist Chris Key argues:

We can learn from this in the UK. The usual response of the far right to criticism of their actions or policies is that to deny them a platform is to deny them free speech.

However, with free speech comes responsibility – responsibility that Ukip and the Brexit Party willfully ignore with what they say and who they surround themselves with.

Clearly, reading through the article, Key thinks both UKIP and the Brexit Party should be no-platformed entirely, not just removed from any TV political debates that occur.

Somewhat ironically, he ends his column:

Spain knows full well the horrific consequences of facism under Franco. They have done the right thing by preventing a dangerous far right party from getting a seat at election debates. It’s time we followed their lead.

I am genuinely not sure how Key would define what he is advocating, no-platforming politics he doesn’t like, other than being somewhat fascistic?

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