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FACTS NOW HATE: The Reason Why Twitter BANNED Tommy Robinson’s Account with over 400k followers

YESTERDAY Twitter BANNED Tommy Robinson’s account with over 400,000 followers in a move that has sparked anger among right-wing Conservatives, but the reason is even more shocking. 

According to reports, Robinson was suspended for stating “Islam promotes killing people,” which is proven, if you read the Quran.

Robinson made the remark during a Twitter discussion with a left-wing activist.

Credit: Tommy Robinson

Robinson told Breitbart London: “I saw this coming. They’ve been building up to it for some time. It’s coming from politicians who have been threatening social media firms, and telling them who they want on their platforms and who they don’t.”

Caolan Robertson who has recently worked with Robinson editing video for his “Tommy Robinson Online” venture said: “As he predicted recently, Tommy Robinson has had his Twitter account removed. They haven’t given him a reason or said if he can appeal.”

The Imam of Peace supported Tommy and said: “Since 2013, brother Tommy Robinson had every chance to mock and [verbally] attack me. But he didn’t. We exchanged thoughts and news through messages, and heard each other’s perspectives. He is harsh on those who wish to destroy his country and threaten its citizens.”

Paul Joseph Watson said: The thought police have finally caught up with Tommy Robinson. His account is gone.”

Other users also voiced support for Tommy, who has recently turned his hand to journalism and has become a face for the battle of Free Speech in the UK.

Twitter user Scott Anthony said Tommy had done “done more for the forgotten people of this country than any modern politician.”

“He has travelled the length & breadth of this country to help & highlight issues & has been treated appallingly at every turn.”


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