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FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM: Thousands party on Whitehall for ‘Day For Freedom’ to protest UK Government crackdown on Free Speech

THOUSANDS of Brits marched on Whitehall yesterday to hold the UK’s biggest ever free-speech event right outside Theresa May’s door.

The event was in response to the UK governments banning of right-wing journalists and activists and Tommy Robinson’s ban from Twitter for stating facts.

The huge freedom rally was organised by Tommy Robinson and his team at Tommy Robinson Online and it was a huge success with figures from all walks of life speaking and performing on the stage that included a £6,000 PA system which silenced the counter-protesters and huge LED screens.

More than 3,000 attended the event which had a festival-like atmosphere. The crowd was filled with a wide variety of people including blacks, gays, and women who all protested peacefully with no major reports of violence throughout the whole event from members of the crowd, One man was arrested for possession of Class-A drugs and violence.

There was a heavy police presence, with Metropolitan Police officers allowing attendees to drink on the streets and protest without interference. One frontline officer told me that “We are on your side.”

Appearing on the stage to chants of “Ohhhhh Tommy Tommy! ” Robinson told the crowd: “We couldn’t have done this three years ago, we couldn’t have done this four years ago. We are now mainstream.”

Speakers included Milo Yianoppolous, Raheem Kassam, UKIP leader Gerard Batten, For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters and YouTube personalities including Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula plus Gavin McInnes plus singers and a drag act.

Robinson added: “The people of this country have been silenced for 20-30 years with the tag of racists. They have managed to silence people so that they are too scared to speak up when they see things that are wrong.

“They now realise that that tag is dead: no one cares anymore with being labelled racists.”

Fabulous Milo Yiannopoulos told the cheering crowd: “Truth and righteousness are behind you. You are the vanguard, you are the dark nights, the first men and women to proudly stand with your heads above the parapet, caring nothing for the bullets that come your way and I salute you.

“I saw what happened when Nick Griffin went on Question Time, in America when genuine racists [appear on television] … When those people are exposed to the harsh light of day, I believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Sargon of Akkad, said the protest was against “totalitarianism, identity politics and Islamism, which is really the same thing.”

“Those protesting against them were only in favour of ‘curated speech’,” Benjamin added.

One surprising attendee was a Muslim woman called Fatima, who told The Guardian that she supported the event.

“I’m here for freedom of speech,” she said, adding that she did not feel threatened. “It’s okay, I’m in my element; I don’t really care, this is England. There’s a guy with an infidels shirt right in front or me, I don’t know how he would react to me. This is a bit awkward for all of us.”

The event ended with a rendition of the national anthem, dancing, cheering and a giant burst of confetti.

Theresa May who has banned activists from entering Britain and has cracked down on Free Speech will sure to be questioning her Governments policy at the sheer scale and size of the event.

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