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MRS MIDDLE CLASS: Fed up maybe, but definitely not far right…

YOU may ask yourself why a 45 year old middle class woman, may have any interest in Freedom of Speech or why someone like me, living in the South of England, would even consider attending a Free Tommy Robinson event.

Well, I suppose it started with the Paris attack and then the Nice attack. I was watching the 10 O’clock news when the story broke and stupidly my curiosity led me to look it up on YouTube.  The first video I clicked on was uncensored to the point that I still believe it was an accomplice of the terrorist truck driver. Those images will haunt me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t switch my computer off fast enough.

At this stage, I still had not heard of Tommy Robinson.

Then we had the Manchester attack, Westminster Bridge attack, London Bridge attack and the failed attack on a tube, full of school children my son’s age at Parsons Green.

Still I had no idea who Tommy Robinson was.

It was only when a journalist, Lauren Southern was detained and denied entry into the UK, that I really started to pay attention.  Lauren was detained in Calais and officially banned from UK for racism. Apparently Dr Joe Mulhall, a senior researcher for anti-racism campaign Hope not Hate, raised concerns about Ms Southern’s activism.

I was following Lauren Southern’s work on the horrific and brutal farm killings in South Africa. Lauren has been the only journalist, to report on this and she is currently in the process of making a documentary on the subject.  Unfortunately, I knew someone, who was brutally castrated alive and then murdered in such a farm attack in South Africa and that is why I have great respect for her work.

I was in total shock, that in 2018 in the United Kingdom, a Canadian Conservative journalist was banned from entering the United Kingdom, the Country known for its democracy, freedom of speech and tolerant people.

I did some digging.  I found that Lauren had done two social experiments.  One was outside a church with leaflets saying God is Gay, God is all of us.  A nice message I thought and as expected nobody batted an eyelid over it.  Then she took the same message but changed it to Allah is Gay, Allah is all of us near a Mosque and all hell broke out over a leaflet.  Now I was not aware that the UK had blasphemy laws, so I cannot see what crime was committed here.

One cannot be sure who gave the order for her to be banned, was it Amber Rudd or was it some over politically correct Police Officer, the fact of the matter is she was banned from entering, with no known convictions, no real threat to British Citizens, yet returning Jihadists, get waved through and welcomed back.  Can you see the hypocrisy in all of this?  Never mind, hypocrisy, can you see the danger in all of this to normal law abiding citizens? 

The irony of the story is that this is how I learnt who Tommy Robinson is.  Far from silencing these people, the Government gave legitimacy to what they were saying.  The Government and Police actually elevated both these reporters statue in the world, by trying to shut them up.  Oh, how this has all backfired on the establishment.

So enraged by Ms Southern’s ban to the UK, I decided to attend the Freedom of Speech day on 6th May 2018.  It was a glorious sunny day and thousands attended the event.  It was a peaceful event and it had a carnival feel to it.  I marched with a black gay guy and I would honestly not describe any of the people I met and chatted to as “far right”.

Fed up maybe, but definitely not far right. Fed up that our right to freedom of speech is being eroded on a daily basis.  Fed up that criminals seem to have more rights than law abiding citizens, fed up that our taxes are actually used to supporting these criminals. Fed up because our children are not safe at concerts, fed up that it is no longer safe to walk on a pavement or to cross a bridge.  Fed up of being threatened by the Thought Police.  Fed up that an extra 900 Police officers were employed to look for online “bullying” or something written that may offend someone, somewhere.  I would rather prefer it if our Police were out Policing real criminals, doing real harm and causing real pain.  Since when did offending someone become a crime?

Labour turned the UK into the Nanny State, the Conservatives seem to be turning it into a Totalitarian State. As one reporter said to me, “How did the UK, the land of the Magna Carta get here?”

This brings me to Saturday 9th June, Free Tommy Robinson event.  An event I attended, mainly to listen to Raheem Kassam speech. I left after his speech as I was meeting a friend and his son for a drink, but when we emerged from the pub, we were met with scenes of chaos outside.  Riot police had been deployed and there was some serious scuffles. I made my way onto Trafalgar Square but quickly realised it was all going to kick off, as the crowd was furious with the  amount of Police, Riot Police and Police with barking German Sheppard dogs.  One man commented:  “You won’t see this at an ISIS march, you won’t see the Police being this heavy handed with them.”  Shortly after this a bus got “high jacked” by a group of young protestors and even Donald Trump made an appearance on the bus.

At this point, I decided to cross the road, as the crowd grew angrier by the minute.  I went and stood opposite Trafalgar Square on the island by the traffic lights, at what I thought was a safe distance from the trouble. I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.  I was not chanting, or rioting, nor did I have anything on me to suggest, I was part of the protest. The next thing I knew riot police were charging at me!  First, I thought you are joking, right?  As a law abiding citizen and taxpayer, I was not going to have any Police Officer shouting in my face, for standing on an island.  I was not blocking the road, I showed the guy who was charging at me, that I was not holding any weapon or anything else.  They kept charging and a Police Officer then violently picked me up and dragged me along, until a Reporter grabbed me from his clutches.  A 45 year old, middle class woman, manhandled by a Riot Police Officer twice my size.  Nice one mate!  I then saw the same Riot Police drag a pensioner along.  I could not believe my eyes.  What happened to Policing by consent?

No doubt there were trouble makers, but I was not one of them, yet the Police went for me, because I was an easy target, woman standing alone, let’s make an example of her. Go figure!

The next day there was the Al Quds march with Hamas flags and anti-Semitic rhetoric, guess who the Police were protecting? You guessed it!

Far from silencing the majority, the Government/Establishment and the Police have woken us from our sleep walk over the past twenty years. My advice to the Police, is to stop harassing law abiding citizens and start arresting real criminals and terrorists. My advice to the Government, start looking like you are dealing with the problem of Radical Islam.

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