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DARRELL GOODLIFFE: UKIP is the only British political party standing up for Free Speech

BRITAIN needs a free speech Party and by that, I don’t mean one where the party occasionally makes a rhetorical nod in deference to the idea, by free speech party, I mean one that has a commitment to free speech in its bones, in its blood, at the core of it’s being.

I don’t think you have to spend long on a blog or news source outside the fakestream to see the reason’s why this is needed so I won’t bore you all with that. Instead, it is my view that UKIP is the only Party that fits the bill.

UKIP does have free speech at the core of it’s being. It is, in fact, enshrined in its constitution. Article 2.5 commits the Party to “strengthen and guarantee the essential, traditional freedoms and liberties of all people in the United Kingdom.”

This is not just a rhetorical flourish either. How many politicians from the fakestream Westminster swamp have you seen speak up for Tommy Robinson? When was Lauren Southern excluded from the UK, which parties MEPs were among the group who invited her to speak at the European Parliament? The answer to both questions is, of course, UKIP.

Gerard Batten, UKIP’s leader has publicly defended Tommy Robinson over the past few weeks and Tommy even backed UKIP in May’s Local Elections.

You may well say Mr Farage has let us all down with his attitude to the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and you’d be right to say that but in the case of Lauren Southern, he led the charge against the undemocratic establishment.

This is part of what makes UKIP such a rowdy house to live in sometimes. I am sure there are some former leaders of the Party, mentioning no names Mr Bolton, who rather wish we weren’t as fond of our free speech as we are but we are and people who cannot realise that this is part of our brilliance have absolutely no love for or understanding of the free spirit that animates the Party.

This is the rub. Our commitment to free speech, to the preservation of our individual liberties, the individual’s sovereignty against the states, isn’t just skin deep. It is not just words on a page or a finely enunciated but insincerely meant sentimental ideal we all think sounds great but doesn’t exist in practice, it is something we live and breath and is part of our daily political practice both internally in how we relate too and what we expect from the Party and what we demand as a right not just for ourselves but for every single British citizen as for us those rights are an inalienable part of being British as much as the national anthem or the language we speak or the other things which define us as a nation.

Of course, more can be done. The two major UKIP blogs, Kipper Central, of which I am Editor In Chief and UKIP Daily are currently spearheading a campaign to get the leadership to appoint a Free Speech and Civil Liberties Spokesman.

However, ask yourselves this, would Count Dankula, that famous free speech warrior, seriously consider joining any other Party apart from UKIP? I do not believe he would because I believe he recognises the truth of what I have just written above. Free speech is a part of the fabric of UKIP so if it is as important to you as it is us why don’t you follow the Count’s lead but go beyond thinking about joining and actually join us in our fight because our fight is for your rights which if we don’t win this battle will be slowly whittled away until literally nothing is left.


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