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POLICE STITCH UP: Journalist JAILED after reporting the trial of Muslim child groomers

A JOURNALIST has been jailed after reporting the trial of a child grooming case involving Muslim men.

Tommy Robinson – reporter for Tommy Robinson Online was arrested by West Yorkshire Police who said he was “breaching the peace.”

Robinson released a statement and said: “There are reporting restrictions, so we have been told we are unable to speak about what went on today. You may have heard about it on social media, and unfortunately confirming anything would be to put Tommy and his work at risk. At the moment all we can say is he will need your support now more than ever.”

Robinson, 35 was nicked at Leeds Crown Court whilst reporting live on his Facebook page.

The cops tried to grab Robinson’s phone, unaware that the incident was being filmed by Caolan Robertson – an employee from Robinson’s website ‘Tommy Robinson Online.’

Robinson said: “I’m outside Leeds Crown Court where verdicts are due in part 2 of the grooming/rape trial involving 29 defendants from Huddersfield – 8 of which are called Mohammed”


According to sources Robinson – who was on a suspended sentence – has been jailed for 13 Months.

This claim was also backed up by Lauren Southern – the banned journalist and policial activist that was barred from entering the UK earlier this year.


Today’s incident comes weeks after thousands of ordinary Brits marched on Whitehall demanding freedom of speech in the UK’s biggest ever free-speech event right outside Theresa May’s door.

The event was in response to the UK governments banning of right-wing journalists and activists and Tommy Robinson’s ban from Twitter for stating facts.




THE arrest and jail sentence of Tommy Robinson shows Britain is no longer a country of free speech. 

A sad turn in the national discourse of Britain – a nation that fought for her rights to freedom and free speech. The likes of Oliver Cromwell would turn in their grave.

I want to take you back to 17th century England for a moment, freedom of speech is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the middle ages. But the similarities between the ‘Stocks of Libel’ and Today’s free speech police have a strikingly eerie parallel.

17th Century England witnessed an explosion of radical political dissent that involved common people engaging in political debate and challenging their elitist masters.

Tommy Robinson is the common man and in today’s Britain, he is being branded a ‘Salicious truth speaker’ at the hands of the state.

If we are not allowed to express our political thoughts and beliefs or report on them, you may as well chop off our earlobes and put us in the stocks.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Houghd

    May 29, 2018 at 06:50

    One man to rock our Government and the police . I think the powers that be need to be looked into in depth. So big wages and only work in front of a camera.By that lot it,s only a show of the powers that be .They are all wrong in this case.
    The people of England must be heard come what may.

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