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TAKEDOWN: Nick Ferrari Runs Rings Around Dumb Leftie In Row About Tommy Robinson

LBC’s Nick Ferarri has changed his tune on Tommy Robinson and won an epic debate against a Dumb Leftie caller who slammed Tommy Robinson over his photo with British Army recruits.

The Army is investigating after the right-wing activist appeared in a video with soldiers, who chanted his name.

Nick insisted they should just have been told not to do it again and get on with their jobs, saying: “It’s utter lunacy”.

His comments triggered a caller called Carl, who rang in and said: “The bottom line is how do the 12,000 ethnic minority soldiers fell about all this?”

Refusing to let Nick speak, the caller went on until hitting the dumb leftie with the killer question: “How do you know these 12,000 recruits of who you speak of are all opposed to Tommy Robinson?”

Carl responded: “Its obviously implied because Tommy Robinson is a right-wing speaker.” adding “He’s not committed to the idea of a multicultural society.”

Based Nick then said: “He’s campaigning against what he sees as the dangerous Islamification of certain Towns and cities sich as Rotherham and Rochdale.”

“I think in many cases, regardless of their ethnicity, their race or colour, would all support that wouldn’t they?”

Adding “You don’t have problems with what happened in Telford and Rochdale?”

The caller then abruptly ended the call.

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