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TRUMP V TOMMY: UK Mainstream Media Exposed After #FreeTommy Blackout

THOUSANDS of fed up and ignored Britons descended the capital on Saturday to protest the jailing of right-wing activist and citizen journalist, Tommy Robinson who was jailed after reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang, but you wouldn’t know it from the UK’s biased media. 

The mostly peaceful event that saw just 13 arrests in a crowd of thousands saw roars of the infamous ‘Oh, Tommy! Tommy!’ was hardly reported by the Mainstream Media and was put under tight restrictions by Met Police.

UKIP leader, Gerrard Batten said: “The Met Police ‘imposing restrictions under the Public Order Act’ for today’s demonstration. Did they do that yesterday for the anti-Trump demo? Yesterday’s demo was about hate for one man, today’s is about one man combating hate towards children.

The event kicked off mostly peaceful as Raheem Kassam pumped up the crowd. Speakers included rising right-wing Aussie commentator, Avi Yemeni and a video message from Geert Wilders, who spoke to loud cheers after he was denied security by the British Government.

Met Police disrupted an earlier Pro-Trump rally with the help of the Orwellian Public Order Act and banned a Free Tommy March down Whitehall with fans meeting at the stage area.

The event was tightly controlled by The Metropolitan Police and according to sources, some event organisers shopped Tommy fans – a move that caused uproar within some Tommy factions.

According to sources that wish to remain anonymous, we can exclusively reveal that many Football Firms and Tommy fans avoided the rally after they claimed they had been ‘stitched up’ by group organisers and the Old Bill.

The moves came after protesters attempted to storm Downing Street’s gates and chased Met Police officers off the streets of London after the Met tried to Kettle protesters.

Multiple sources told Politicalite that they had been put ‘under-surveillance’ and I, too personally was put under surveillance following my attendance at the original Free Tommy rally.

Organisers had been stuck between supporting Tommy Robinson’s more hard-line supporters and Football Firms and keeping a positive public image.

They decided to hold a more peaceful event, and shop some Tommy fans, instead of Angry Football Lads, Tommy supporting stewards were deployed outside and the stage area.

Politicalite reporter Darrell Goodliffe was also refused entry to the Free Tommy event after a ‘Human Police Line’ was put around the rally according to multiple sources.

Despite inside turmoil, this Rally was still positive, but some Free Tommy supporters are unhappy, due to the changes.

The scene was calmer and more controlled, which will benefit public opinion – there were fewer scenes of a reminiscent of a ‘Revolution’, which I personally thought added to the ‘Shock and Awe’ look to the event that shocked the Establishment and got everyone talking.

Despite the best efforts by organisers to give the event a better image, the Mainstream Media still smeared the Free Tommy movement and reported on the minimal amounts of trouble.

So, now the movement seems to have lost its edgier, more gritty look and has been replaced with an event that will not grab the headlines.

In his book; ‘The Art of The Deal’ in the 1980s, Mr Donald Trump said: “Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells.”

Make no mistake, negative press is better than nothing at all.

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1 Comment

  1. Mark

    July 18, 2018 at 08:40

    I read after the June rally that they were going to block the next one from taking place on Whitehall so was slightly surprised when this one went ahead. This story joins some of the dots by the look of it

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