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GOOLAG: After ‘Chairman Joe’ Article, Google Attempts To Defund Politicalite

GOOGLE has suspended ad serving to Politicalite AGAIN, pending review after we published an article that criticised U.S. President Joe Biden, in another attack on the free press and freedom of speech.  

Earlier this month we revealed how Google owned YouTube had banned one of video journalists, Steve Laws for exposing the migrant crisis last year. Following the article Google suspended Ad Serving to Politicalite, before restoring it a few days later after News Worldwide legal boffins contacted the US firm. 

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Last night, we ran a story with a cheeky headline that read: “WOKE JOKE: Chairman Joe BANS Term ‘China Virus’ over ‘Race Fears’ ” along with a photoshopped image of the U.S. President as the former Authoritarian Chinese leader, Chairman Mao. 

Politicalite often adds comedic elements to our reporting to provide a different kind of news and to make readers laugh in this challenging time. Google, however, appears to find our criticism and mockery of the U.S. President a thought crime. 

The article; written by one of our established citizen journalists, Ed Howard, was fair and balanced. It was presented with both sides of the argument that has led to President Biden banning a word from being used in a democratic country that supposedly supports freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

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An hour after the articles publication, we received an email: “Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account.” citing ‘invalid clicks’. 

For those who don’t know, AdSense is a display system that online news publishers and other websites use to display advertisements and earn revenue. It is used by every major global news publisher to monetise online content. The likes of The Sun, MailOnline, The Mirror ect all use Google Adsense or similar Google systems. That revenue keeps us online and it pays for hosting and web developers. 

Google revenue also helps to pay our working-class writers and their families. It also partly finances our impressive PoliticaliteLIVE productions around the world with professional camera operators, O.B. units, computer software, licensed footage, video editors, graphic designers and news editors. 

We provide all this to the reader at no cost. News and information should always be available to the masses. To inform and educate and entertain, but what we do isn’t free. That’s why we have advertising. 

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To run Politicalite takes patience, time and effort and money. There are months when I do not pay myself a wage. There are months when my personal bills are overdue; there are months when I’m late on my rent because every penny we make goes into Politicalite first. 

We have cut every cost we can to provide the best possible citizen news outlet amid a Pandemic, but Google keeps attacking us for our refusal to toe the Globalist woke line. They attack us for having the freedom of thought, for being creative, for having a voice.  We stand up for those denied a voice and are always penalised by those in power like Google. 

We report for the people and whilst it’s a hugely rewarding job, we can’t survive without advertising revenue or donations. 

You might think the most logical thing to do would be to “Get a new Ad system!” We have tried, but Google has a monopoly on a staggering 38.3 million websites worldwide. They all use AdSense. There is no alternative, other than one—our army of readers and fans.

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I hate to have to ask, and I know how tough times are right now for us all, never mind us media luvvies, but we provide give a microphone to the voice of the left behind, the forgotten and the people who make Britain great. We desperately need your help to keep Politicalite online, so please, donate what you can and help us keep reporting the Unreported News For The People.


Thank you, 

Jordan James 

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Editor, Politicalite 

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