Dr Niall McCrae: The Guardian admits that #FreeTommy movement is winning

TOMMY Robinson is winning. That’s according to a Guardian article by Julia Ebner. The successful strategy of the so-called ‘far right’, writes Ebner, is in claiming to be the underdog against oppressive authorities. Her article is blatantly biased, with no comments allowed, but at least it’s a sign of progress by the disreputable mainstream media in taking Tommy Robinson more seriously.

Since his arrest and immediate imprisonment two months ago, the general public has been restricted to occasional vilifications and ridiculing of Tommy Robinson and his supporters.  The stock phrases are ‘founder of the English Defence League’, ‘fascist / racist’ and ‘real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’. Ebner’s article perpetuates such memes and misinformation: she doesn’t explain why Tommy Robinson changed his moniker (the media don’t repeatedly tell us the real names of Elton John or Madonna).or why he founded and later left the English Defence League. And his exposure of the biggest scandal in modern times: the industrial-scale rape of white schoolgirls by mostly Muslim men of Pakistani origin, escapes mention.

Ebner denounces Free Tommy protestors for Nazi salutes, when she should know that this was one instance of a bloke reacting to counter-demonstrators screaming ‘Nazi’ at him. She was at Trafalgar Square during the latest demonstration, which she found unedifying and an inconvenience for tourists. Other people might have seen the anti-Trump hate fest, with its punch-bags and death wishes more offensive than slogans demanding release of a political prisoner. But the Guardian is now on the side of the establishment.

Doing the newspaper rounds yesterday was a disingenuous report of a Muslim busdriver in a hijab who stood up to racist thugs. Reporters were out in force last Saturday, and like me they could see exactly what happened. For a while protestors blocked the road, and the first vehicle in the long queue was a number 9 bus. The religion of the busdriver was nothing but incidental, and I heard no reference to this.

Circular logic abounds in media portrayals: Tommy Robinson is bad because he was jailed, and he was jailed because he was bad. The circle is closed to any questions about whether he really committed a crime or the legitimacy of his punishment. Similarly, he’s ‘far right’ because he’s labelled as far right. Yet anyone who really knows him will confirm that Tommy Robinson is certainly not a fascist. 

So having participated in a stitch-up of Tommy Robinson, why is the Guardian troubled? Ebner observes the growing international support for a cause celebre, spurred by clever use of social media. It is harder for the MSM to ignore Tommy Robinson when leading political figures are making a noise. Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon described him as ‘the backbone of the country’ to a LBC presenter, contrasting with a spineless liberal elite. Concerns have been raised from within the Washington administration. Geert Wilders was obstructed from attending the latest Free Tommy rally, but his video contribution was as powerful as his live speech at the previous event. The whole world is aware that Britain has locked up a political activist.

For all that the British establishment demonises Tommy Robinson, they are losing control of the narrative. A freedom fighter is how he is seen. And when he is eventually released from his vengeful incarceration, society will surely be woken to who is really the good guy. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mark

    July 18, 2018 at 09:34

    “Doing the newspaper rounds yesterday was a disingenuous report of a Muslim busdriver in a hijab who stood up to racist thugs….”

    reminds me of that photo-op at the EDL march that was plastered all over the media when a muslim girl in a headscarf went right up to the marchers & was getting in their faces & goading them. This was an obvious set-up to provoke a reaction so the police could go steaming in & the press have a field day smearing the EDL as violent thugs. To their great credit the EDL refused to rise to the bait.

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