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FREE HIM: Establishment fears ‘riots’ if Tommy isn’t released says Met Police boss Dick

THE BRITISH Establishment is bracing for ‘riots’ if Tommy Robinson isn’t released on Wednesday.

Police are bracing for the possibility of mass protests and disorder if Tommy Robinson’s appeal result goes the wrong way.

Free Tommy supporters have reportedly ‘threatened to riot’ if he is not freed from prison by Court of Appeal judges tomorrow, following high-tensions at previous Free Tommy events on Whitehall, London.

Met Police boss Cressida Dick, who’s force tried to ban a pro-Trump rally earlier this month, said the Met had “made contingencies for potential issues”.

“We’ll see where the Free Tommy Robinson supporters go next and what they’re thinking next – it is a large set of people at the moment,” she said.

Dick added: “We are thinking about it and will be well-prepared.”

In a sinister threat, Dick said the Old Bill had “excellent ways of monitoring all protest groups within the law, including our ability to keep in touch with them and monitor what they are thinking and what they are talking about doing”.

Robinson called on judges to overturn his charge for contempt from 2017 and May 2018 and to order Robinson’s release.

“There has been a conglomeration of procedural deficiencies that have given rise to prejudice and should lead to both findings being quashed,” he told the court.

“He did not intend to breach any [reporting restriction] order, albeit that he was aware that there was an order,“ Mr Dein told the court, claiming that Robinson was “operating as a journalist” and attempted to be legally vigilant.

Mr Dein also said that Tommy was being held in solitary confinement at HMP Onley, with limited access to telephones, visits and rehabilitation activities.

The US ambassador for international religious freedom raised Robinson’s case with the British government, Politicalite reported the news earlier this month.

Sam Brownback told Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the US, that the UK should be more “sympathetic” to our Tommy and warned that the Trump administration might publicly criticise its ally’s handling of the case.

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