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Free Tommy

GOOD FRIENDS: Tommy Robinson ‘Appears’ In Neighbours in Australia

A FREE Tommy Robinson sticker has appeared in an episode of Neighbours in Australia.

The sticker appeared down under in the iconic programme when it aired on Channel Ten’s ’11’ earlier this month.

FACEBOOK: Avi Yemini

In the clip that was posted to YouTube the sticker reads “#FreeTommy Robinson” along with a red white and blue union jack flag.

Aussie activist Avi Yemini wrote on Facebook “LOL!!! One of our #FreeTommy stickers made it onto Neighbours.”

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Adding: “Tommy Robinson is becoming so mainstream that he’s accidentally becoming pop culture”

“Watch leftist heads explode when they see this!”

Avi exclusively told Politicalite: “The stickers were given out at the Australian Liberty Alliance rallies that I lead across the country.”

He also added that he will be attending the Tommy rally outside the Old Baily on the 23rd October in London.

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