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LEAVE HIM ALONE! Tommy reveals Mainstream Hacks Have Been Harassing His Mother, Children and Family

RIGHT-wing Activist and citizen journalist, Tommy Robinson has revealed dirty mainstream media hacks have targeted his family over the past two days in an ongoing campaign of targeted harassment that has put his family and kids at risk.

Tommy said: “Journalists have spent the past two days harassing my mother, all day again today, journalists have been knocking at my mother’s door, at her neighbour’s door, they have been going to my old addresses, knocking at my old neighbour’s houses.”

Tommy revealed that his children were present when they went to his Mums with their cameras.

He said: “My mother received intel from the Police that there are plans to target her”

“Journalists are trying to draw attention to were my family are, they are trying to find me” added Tommy.

He said: “Journalists know the death threats I live under, and they are attempting to play with my life and my children’s”

Tommy said he will speak to the media, but only Tucker Carlson on Fox News and not the lying British media.

The British MSM have ignored Tommy’s plight for the past 70 days and have smeared him and lied about him.

Today, Britain’s biggest selling daily, The Sun, commonly known among Liverpudlians and #FreeTommy supporters as ‘The Scum’ penned a vile opinion piece calling our Tommy a ‘grandstanding idiot’, and now they want scoops and stories in return.

The Murdoch owned News UK title, who also owned News of The World, the paper that hacked phones of families of the 7/7 bombing victims said that ‘He is not a freedom fighter Nor is he the hero he is made out to be in the sewer which social media has become.’

The same paper that smeared Hillsborough victims added ‘Nor is he a “reporter” fearlessly exposing an establishment cover-up of rapes by gangs of Asian men, that scandal has been exposed by actual journalists.’

They added: ‘Supporters say he was locked up too hastily and for too long. We have no sympathy.

They claimed the reporting restrictions were ‘neither unusual or a PC cover-up.’

They then made a strange U-Turn and said “Yes our legal system IS too secretive.” and claimed, “but it was crucial in the interests of justice” then they implied #FreeTommy supporters were idiots by saying “Its time his supporters grasped it.”

The Guardian also attacked Tommy with a venomous hit piece, they said “Robinson’s high-profile supporters – even extreme fattists such as Hopkins – affected agonised concern about his weight. And yet, his BMI seemed to me – how to put this? – rather healthier for a man of his stature than what he’d carried in a few months ago.”

Fake News Hack Marina Hyde also mocked Tommy and his kids writing “Robinson is the sort of man who made sure a camera was on hand to record what you might think would have been the day’s most intensely private moment – his reunification with two of his young children – and promptly put the footage online. This is the EDL version of flogging your wedding to OK! magazine, and should be judged accordingly.”

The MSM is butthurt they called this wrong and misjudged the mood of the country, us working-class folk stick together, and when we see an enemy within, we shun it.

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