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OUR BOY IS FREE: Tommy ‘over the moon’ and ‘couldn’t believe’ he was a free man when inmates shouted he was free

TOMMY Robinson has said he couldn’t believe he was a free man when fellow prisoners shouted that he was free.

In a call to his family from Prison, Tommy said ‘did not want to believe them.’

“Tommy just called his family from Prison to ask what the outcome was – he said prisoners were shouting that he was going home but he did not want to believe them.’

‘He is over the moon!’ said his official Facebook page.


Tommy will now go on holiday, he had a family holiday booked and paid for this Friday which he can now go on and spend some much-needed time with his wife and children.

Tommy has asked us to pass on his heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who have been campaigning for his release and supporting him.

Today the Royal Courts of Justice validated what everyone with common sense has been fighting for – the fact that the conviction back in Leeds was, in fact, illegal!” said his official page.

Robinson, 35, was jailed in May for reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang.

His conviction for contempt of court in Leeds has been overturned.

Two judges, Lord Chief Justice Burnett and Mrs Justice McGowan, made the ruling.

He has been released on bail with no conditions pending a re-trial of the Leeds case.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett quashed the contempt of court conviction handed to Tommy in may, which saw him arrested and jailed in just five hours under an Orwellian media ban.

The court’s judgement said the speed with which the original conviction was made “gave rise to unfairness”, and that there was a “lack of clarity” over evidence for the charge of contempt given to Robinson.

Further, the document states the original judge should have resisted “the temptation” to rule on Robinson’s behaviour there and then, as after he had offered to delete the video he created from Facebook the “urgency went out of the matter”. Instead, the judge should have referred the matter to the Attorney General rather than acting immediately.

In all, the judgement found, the original case had the opportunity to “have avoided the risk of sacrificing fairness on the altar of [haste].”

Robinson’s defence team have said that the unusual speed with which he was jailed had led to “deficiencies” in the legal process.

Tommy’s official Facebook page said: “He is coming home! Thank you to everyone who has supported Tommy. We will have an update from him as soon as he walks through the gate today!”

The judge upheld the appeal and quashed the conviction from Leeds crown court due to the number of criminal procedure rules that were bypassed and broken.

Tommy will now be released on bail and in the interest of Justice Tommy needs to attend a new court hearing which will be conducted without breaking the laws.

Tommy’s page added: “Good news that they have agreed that the original trial was, in fact, a kangaroo court and prejudiced against Tommy.”

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