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REVEALED: Freed Right-Wing Activist Tommy Robinson tells Fox News ‘I Was Never Asked If I Was Guilty or Not Guilty’

RIGHT-Wing Activist Tommy Robinson has told Fox News that treatment in HMP Onley at the hands of the British state was like “Guantanamo Bay” in his first TV interview since being released on bail.

Robinson, 35, was freed from jail on August 1st after a flawed conviction for contempt of court was quashed by three Court of Appeal judges.

Credit: Liam Tuffs

Tommy spoke about the case and his experiences behind bars.

Tucker said he “must be bewildered” by the jail term that led to mass protests and an international campaign lobbying for his release.

He added: “This case, the world has watched it, it’s shocked them, for me this has been nothing new.”

Tommy described the process that convicted him as a “kangaroo court”.

He revealed that his Solicitor received an email saying he was being released, then he was taken in van to back to court via the back door.

“I still do not know what it is I’m deemed to have done wrong,” he revealed.

Tommy said he never pleaded guilty adding ‘At no point was I asked whether I was guilty’ and said the media reported the lie.

Fox News


He told Tucker he was known for “criticising Islam” and that there had been “planned attempts” on his life in the UK.

He revealed that he was put in solitary confinement after moving prisons, where he “spent two months not seeing or speaking to anybody” and claimed he had “Shit” pushed his cell window that led to him having to block up the window, sweating under the extreme heat wave.

He also revealed that his cell faced the Prison Mosque.

During his time inside, he said he lost “nearly 40 pounds” after living on a diet of one tin of tuna and a piece of fruit a day.


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