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BUZZ OFF! BuzzFeed News tried to force Change.org to REMOVE #FreeTommy petition with over 566,000 signatures


FAR-LEFT News outlet BuzzFeed News tried to force Change.org to remove the record-breaking #FreeTommy petition that has been signed by over 566,000 people.

Democrat supporting BuzzFeed which banned Donald Trump from advertising on the site during the 2016 Presidential Election claimed that the petition should be removed because it’s “racist” and claims that the petition wrongly claims he was “arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs.”

BuzzFeed’s Hannah Al-Othman penned an article that said: “Change.org Has Refused To Take Down An Inaccurate Petition Calling For Tommy Robinson To Be Freed”

Adding “Change.org is facing demands from anti-racism campaigners to remove a petition calling for far-right activist Tommy Robinson to be released from prison because it contains major factual inaccuracies and hate speech which could breach the site’s own rules.”

The admitted the petition had gone “Mega-Viral” but gave Anti-fascism a platform to silence 500,000 people.

They smeared the #FreeTommy movement as “making money from hate”. But in a statement, Change.org backed the petition and said it had “determined that the text of the petition did not violate those policies”.

Nick Ryan from George Soros backed leftist group ‘Hope Not Hate’ told BuzzFeed News that he objected to the population petition site potentially “making money from hate”.

He said: “So let’s get this straight. Tommy Robinson was not arrested for ‘reporting on Muslim grooming gangs’. He was arrested and jailed because he broke the law. He is not a journalist. In fact, he has threatened journalists.”

Tommy IS a journalist he has worked for Rebel Media and was an independent journalist up until he was JAILED by the British state for reporting outside the trial of a grooming gang.

The article claimed there was “no connection to ‘free speech’ and said “The petition [was] promoting a lie.”

A spokesperson for Change.org said: “We have Community Guidelines and policies to address misuse and a team dedicated to reviewing complaints from the community – we did review this petition and determined that the text of the petition did not violate those policies.

“Change.org is an open platform, which means that every petition that you see has been started by people in the community – it’s very likely that people will find petitions with which they disagree, as the platform is a place for a variety of debate. As with any issue, we have seen multiple petitions, with varying views started by the public in regard to this story.”

Why is BuzzFeed trying to silence 500,000 people? They have the nerve to talk about so-called “Racism” but BuzzFeed is the company ran by a man who once ran a website with racist slurs.

Back in February, Politialite.com exclusively revealed that BuzzFeed’s founder, Jonah Peretti, once ran a website that included racist slurs and racial stereotypes as humour.

In the early 2000s, Peretti along with his sister, Chelsea ran a website called “Black people love us” about a fictional white couple and their painfully awkward attempts to relate to black people.

That’s, a little Awkward.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    June 2, 2018 at 15:27

    Free him

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