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TOMMY ROBINSON: I’m Expecting To Go Back To Prison As Establishment Attacks With All Guns Blazing

TOMMY Robinson’s retrial takes place this Thursday and it’s obvious that the state is turning the screws and is determined to sling Tommy back in prison.

Indeed, he told German TV Channel ARD that he expects to “wake up in a prison cell Friday morning.”

Last Thursday, he announced that a further two charges have been added to the wrap sheet he will be presented with on Thursday.

Originally, he was sent to prison for breaching a Section 4 Reporting Restriction order. If there is such a restriction on a case then guidelines state there must be clearly displayed a notification on the screen and the court door. Tommy has a photo showing that there was no such notification on the door or on any visual display. Also, he has evidence that 3 national newspapers broke exactly the same Section 4 order on the same weekend Tommy was arrested and sent down.  He told his supporters that he never wanted to prejudice the trial, which is the “last thing he would want to do. Reporting restrictions are commonly breached up and down the country and none of them has ever gone to jail.

The additional charges stem from him referring to the religion and ethnicity of the alleged abusers and their victims. Quite incredibly, he is being charged on the basis sexual threats made against his own mother and wife. On Thursday he has pledged to walk into court and stand by his convictions. There is a “conspiracy of silence” which refuses to deal with the grooming gangs issue and protect the victims, innocent children because they “fear being branded racist.” Tommy is not being granted a trial by jury but will be tried by a judge something he insists and he believes a jury would acquit him.

Following his conviction and suspended sentence handed down at Canterbury court, Robinson went on a training course with a leading law firm in London to ensure no repeat performance. Unsurprisingly, he told ARD he “feels like a political prisoner”. In 60 years, he told the German channel, not a single journalist has been sent to prison for contempt of court proceedings linked to a reporting restriction. The political motivation behind this trial is too obvious to ignore. It is the reason that many thousands flocked to the cause of freeing Tommy when he was imprisoned. If he is sent down again expect a protest movement that rallies tens of thousands more to the cause and red pills them as to the true nature of the British establishment and its collusion in the conspiracy of silence Tommy mentions.

Tommy Robinson will be in the dock tomorrow but in reality, it will be British justice on trial.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ve

    September 27, 2018 at 05:57

    Indeed freedom of speech is on trial yet again and if the judge rules against tommy then the uk public will know that the justice system in the uk is totally corrupt and uk people will rise in huge numbers

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