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TOMMY V SIR CLIFF: The two reporting cases that expose the Class Divide in Britain

TWO trials have been in the news recently and they both highlighted major errors of judgement within reporting, one was about the BBC and Cliff Richard, the other was about Tommy Robinson and his dodgy reporting outside the trial of Muslim groomers, one reporter was thrown back in jail – the others were let off the hook.

Tommy, the working-class kid who has been attacked by the State, it’s police force, its courts and its propaganda machine, and Cliff Richard who was smeared by the BBC after they aired LIVE coverage of an investigation into historical child sex allegations even though he was never arrested or charged. Sir Cliff Richard and Tommy Robinson never usually appear in the same sentence, let alone the news story but they both show the clear class-divide in Britain and the hypocrisy of British law.

The courts ruled it a “serious invasion” of privacy that the BBC reported in such a way and the BBC will now appeal the ruling.  High Court judge Mr Justice Mann also awarded Sir Cliff an initial £210,000 in damages.

The singer claimed the BBC’s reporting of the 2014 raid, which was part of an investigation into historical child sex allegations, was a “serious invasion” of privacy as Cliff was never arrested or charged.

In his judgement, Mr Justice Mann said the BBC had infringed Sir Cliff’s privacy rights in a “serious” and “sensationalist” way.

He rejected the BBC’s claim that its reporting, which included footage filmed from a helicopter, was justified under rights of freedom of expression and of the press and they claimed that BBC journalists acted in ‘good faith’.

The BBC journalists have not been charged or imprisoned – but guess who has been imprisoned over dodgy reporting? Citizen journalist, Tommy Robinson.

Speaking outside the High Court in London, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs Fran Unsworth apologised to Sir Cliff and said: “In retrospect, there are things we would have done differently.”

Then, countering her so-called ‘apology’ the Fake News purveyor said she the case represented a “significant shift” against press freedom and an “important principle” around the public’s right to know was at stake.

Yes, you read that correctly, Franny said the public had a ‘right to know’ what was at stake.

Did the BBC feel the public had a ‘right to know’ what was at stake when they refused to report on the jailing of right-wing activist and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson? No, of course, they didn’t.It wasn’t in their interest.

The BBC took DAYS to report on the case of Tommy Robinson and it was only given 30 seconds during Bank Holiday Monday’s Six O’Clock News after Alt News websites such as Politicalite and American news organisations such as Fox News broke the ‘Reporting Restrictions’ imposed on the case.

Last night, the contempt for the BBC was laid bare when it was revealed that after BBC Newsnight attempted to speak to numerous Free Tommy protesters, they all refused to speak to the Biased BBC.

One Dutch fan told the BBC to ‘Fuck Off’ when they attempted to interview him for Newsnight and Tommy’s family reportedly called for anyone within the Free Tommy movement not to speak to the BBC.

BBC Newsnight broadcast a balanced report on the Free Tommy movement last night. They even admitted the view that ‘Tommy was persecuted for expressing unpopular views.’

The BBC’s Emily Maitliss introduced the report without bias – but the damage has already been done. After years of smears, no-one on the real right supports or will speak to the biased BBC.

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