Free Tommy

WORKING CLASS RISE UP: Thousands of #FreeTommy protesters bring Leeds City Centre to a standstill

THOUSANDS of #FreeTommy protesters brought Leeds City Centre to a standstill today after the right-wing activist was jailed by the British state for reporting on the trial of a Muslim Grooming Gang.

Traffic was disrupted and roads were closed across the city centre as protesters marched through the city.

Many of the protesters were working class workmen in work gear, showing the clear divide in Britain between the Establishment and the working classes who have been abandoned to deal with Muslim Rape Gangs and the attacks on our Free Speech.

One man was seen dressed as the Grim Reaper carrying a sign ‘free speech is dead speech’ and one report suggested a flare had been set off and a bottle thrown.

The event was organised by the group Proud British, which campaigns to “voice freedom of speech” and “stop the strain on the NHS, schools and our public services”.

The Leeds march was part of a series of #FreeTommy marches planned across Britain over the next few days with marches being held in Whitehall and Manchester on Saturday.

Dozens of his supporters agreed to stand up for Tommy and make a stand for our country and our right to freedom of speech.



YOU SCUM: The Sun SIDES with

Establishment in Tommy Robinson case



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Del

    June 3, 2018 at 04:18

    when civil (elite) law conflicts with common law and the basic rights of the people then revolution is a real alternative. This is exactly the reasons Britain had civil war .And it took Cromwell to sort it out. The people who were voted in to Govern the people cross the line into Ruling the people …Having read all I can on Tommy , I see no laws broken. Common law and human rights are the basis of all laws in the country, If these regulations /civil laws conflict with these basic rights , these unlawful regulations become null and void. Time to take the country back from the corrupt establishment.

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