Free Tommy

YOU ARE HATED: Hero Tommy arrives at Old Bailey and ATTACKS Mainstream Media

Ezra Levant

CROWDS cheered and chanted his name as Tommy Robinson arrived to face a re-trial for reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang today in London. 

His mass army of supporters chanted ‘We Want Tommy Out’ and ‘Ohh Tommy Tommy’

Danny Tommo and Ezra Levant – Credit: Gail Delaney

Mr Robinson, 35 arrived to a rousing reception and laid into the fake news media where he slammed the MSM for failing to report on the major issues facing working-class Britons.

He said: “You try to portray that I am hated … but YOU are hated!”

“You knew what was happening to those girls in all of those towns and cities and you said nothing.”

The crowd went wild and booed the MSM as brave Tommy went on…”None of you has reported the fact that three other journalists broke the same reporting restrictions that I was imprisoned for the same weekend.”

“You all know they did and none of you has reported that! … none of you has identified that I am being tried for who I am, not what I done.”

He accused the Establishment of “attempting to silence and stop people having the knowledge of the Muslim rape gangs that are terrorising our nation.”

“The entire world is now watching,” said Robinson.

He blamed the Government, police and social services for “sacrificing a generation of our daughters at the hands of the multiculturalism alter”.

Tommy had previously said: “I sacked my solicitors because they tried to broker a deal where I apologise and I admit guilt, and then if I do that then I go home.

“And I said, I’m never going to do that.”

“I’d rather go to jail for the next 25 years than accept guilt for telling the truth.”

James Harvey

He expected to be jailed for two years and said that he was “being prosecuted because I’m Tommy Robinson, nothing else”.


RB Inman

Veterans Activist RB Inman who stood on stage with Robinson said: “It’s an absolute travesty that he’s even been charged with anything.”

“Tommy should be going into the gates of Buckingham Palace today and getting a knighthood not going to the Old Bailey and possibly getting a prison sentence.”

He added: “I don’t believe for a minute its anything to do with contempt, he’s a thorn in the side of the Establishment and they wanna get rid of him”

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    October 23, 2018 at 12:08

    To only finish eating when the queen does.

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