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Grenfell Tower Disaster

PMQs: Corbyn uses Grenfell for political gain

Jeremy Corbyn wants to play party politics, he wants to use Grenfell as a class war and along with left wing extremists, he is using the death of 79 people to futher his agenda.

The Grenfell Fire is a disaster that has shocked Britain, but instead of highlighting this, Corbyn wants to play party politics. He wants to use Grenfell as a class war along with his unwashed left wing extremists.

Jezza is using the death of 79 people to further his agenda. This stinks.

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In just a few short months he has lost all moral credibility, this is a man who is supposed to be for the people, yet he has a PR machine better than Blairs. At every opportunity during every crisis or national disaster at every event that will provide the ultimate exposure, Corbyn pops up as if you’ve just rubbed a lamp and a genie pops out.

Oh, and this is a genie that grants every blue-haired student with a man bun three socialist wishes.

From nationalized industry and free university to working for £10 an hour… the comrade will make it all come true, What I despise so much about Corbyn is his willingness to jump on every bandwagon in sight to get to his final destination.

Today at PMQ’s Corbyn used Grenfell as a battering ram on Theresa May.

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The disaster is a fault of both local authorities and past governments of all colours.

But Corbyn claimed it was all the fault of the government, they had let the Grenfell Victims burn, they had failed to install sprinklers, they had failed to check the saftey of the cladding.

Hang on! Labour is a party that has fought for devolution for so long, they wanted local authorities to have more control and when things went wrong, they scream and call out the government.

The Government proposes laws to be passed in Parliament, we have fire safety regulations. The laws are in place, you can’t blame the current administration for the failings that led to Grenfell.

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Who we do need to blame is the local authority responsible for the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower – yes a Conservative controlled Local Authority.

The work on Grenfell was completed by the private sector, but Jeremy Corbyn wants to move all blame to the current Conservative Government – simply to bolster his aims for the top office.

Read in-between the lines, Corbyn doesn’t care about Grenfell, if he did, he would come together and look at the real causes of this disaster rather than blame the opposition.

Jeremy has used these sorts of tactics all his political life, he is a serial protestor and he cannot handle responsibility.
600 buildings across Local Authorities controlled by both Labour and The Conservatives have similar combustible cladding installed on high-rises and public buildings.

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The requirement for fire safety checks in high rises by the fire service was abolished under the Blair government, Cladding was initiated under the Blair government – but Jeremy has a case of selective amnesia when it comes to who is really responsible for the failings that led to the deaths of so many people.




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