THE COLONELS’ DIRTY SECRET! KFC Deletes Tweets To Hide Halal Scandal Exposed By Politicalite

FOLLOWING Politicalite’s revelation that KFC – contrary to their website – are stocking ALL of their UK stores with Halal only chicken, the fast-food giant quickly deleted its tweets confirming the fact. 

In a slip-up that is sure to be inducing headaches in the Colonel’s HQ, KFC’s customer service account on Twitter confirmed that rather than the 10% of its shops that the official KFC website claims stocks Halal only products, in fact every single one of the 900 plus stores use chicken that has been inhumanely slaughtered.

After we revealed the shocking Halal Chicken scandal in an exclusive Politicalite’s article that went viral last night, KFC deleted tweets to try and cover their tracks, including the below tweet confirming that they are simply exploiting loopholes and using clever wording to deceive the company’s millions of UK customers into believing that the majority of its stores serve chicken that has been humanely stunned before slaughter, as approved by the RSPCA.

KFC then tried to state that they had made a ‘mistake’, replying to Politicalite on Twitter to reconfirm their vague statement on the company’s website.

So far, KFC has confirmed that its criteria for a restaurant being Halal means that the restaurant must not sell pork products. Yet this in itself is hugely misleading, with customers then being led to believe that the chicken they are chowing down to is not Halal and has been humanely stunned.

The truth, however, is that ALL of KFC’s chicken in the UK is non-stun and has endured the horrific and barbaric Islamic slaughter method of Halal.

Thanks to the likes of KFC, the demand for barbaric methods of slaughter has increased ten-fold over the past decade, with the Halal industry making billions from food outlets and retailers appeasing Muslims by finding it ‘easier’ to make their entire food stock halal and to play this down or hide it completely from non-Muslim consumers and animal welfare activists.

KFC has previously been exposed for it’s wide-spread animal cruelty.

We have since gone back to KFC to confirm or deny their previous statement that all of the chicken sold in their stores is Halal. It has so far not updated the misleading statement on its website.

More follows. 

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