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LORD OF THE PEOPLE: Lord Pearson says UKIP should focus on Radical Islam after Brexit

LORD Pearson, the free-speech supporting UKIP peer has said that UKIP should focus Radical Islam and promote cultural integration following Brexit.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, the ex-UKIP leader said: “I do think our membership of the EU was the last ‘big one’, and UKIP does still have a job to do there.

UKIP is useful there, as a pressure on the government and the sensible end of the Conservative Party to make sure we get a proper Brexit.

But after that, after Brexit, Islam is the next ‘big one’. It’s perfectly obvious it’s the next ‘big one’ and I think UKIP should start, as I’m doing, trying to at least talk about it now.

At least trying to understand what this thing is, instead of mouthing idiotically all the time that Islam is a religion of peace – which it may be or it may not be.”

Earlier this year, Lord Pearson faced criticism from PC-mad Politicians in Westminster after he invited Tommy Robinson to Parliament.

Tommy also interviewed Lord Pearson, which was filmed on the parliamentary estate.

He shut down critics and stood by Tommy, proving he is a true Lord of the People

Last week, Lord Pearson asked a question in the House of Lords about monitoring “hate speech against non-Muslims” in Islamic schools and mosques.

Astonishingly, He was shouted down, mocked, and accused of “hate speech” by out-of-touch snowflake Lords.

Lord Pearson has been a long-time critic of Radical Islam, in 2013 BBC interview, the former UKIP leader warned that Muslim communities were home to “thousands of potential home-grown terrorists”.

He added: “[They] hate us with frightening religious fervour”, during a parliamentary debate on Islam.

On Sharia Law, Pearson said it was “running de facto in our land” and said calls for violence were not simply coming from a “few extremists”.

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