NOT SO INNOCENT: Brother of Teenage Lad Who ‘Attacked’ Syrian says Jamal is not “innocent`


A TEENAGER accused of ‘attacking’ a 15-year-old Syrian refugee after he was allegedly involved in an altercation with white girls has fled the country with his mother after they received threats.

A video of the incident went viral and the media stirred up hate, linking the attacker to activist Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson

Robinson, 36 denounced the attack and said it was “wrong,” but added there were “two sides to every story” revealing some more information about the incident, that wasn’t reported in the MSM who have now taken to smearing Robinson accusing him of “defending a bully.”

The 16-year-old ‘Attacker’ is set to be charged with assault is no longer in Huddersfield after the footage at Almondbury Community School led to him and his mother being threatened, according to his older brother.

His brother told MailOnline that Jamal isn’t innocent. ‘My brother’s not a bully and that Syrian kid is not the innocent he’s been made out to be.” he said.

The lad’s brother has said he has an ‘army’ surrounding him as a police van remained outside the family home.

Defending the youth, he said his younger brother had reacted the way he did in the video because the Syrian teen, now named as Jamal, was involved in an earlier incident.

He added: ‘They’ve left Huddersfield and they’ve left the UK for the time being.

‘My brother doesn’t have any bail conditions so it’s not been a problem.

‘There are rumours that he’s been beaten up in revenge attacks but I think that’s nonsense, although I haven’t spoken to him since all this blew up.

‘There have threats though but we’ve got a good group- a big army – around us so there’s no reason to worry.

A parent at the school also posted on social media claiming that Jamal had allegedly attacked her daughter.

She claimed: “My daughter was bit on the head by this boy jamal”

“My daughter is too scared to go to school because of this boy.

“Three other girls beat her as well, the school did fuk all… ”

She later retracted her comments after threats on Facebook and deleted her account.

Tommy shared the photo and said Jamal allegedly ‘attacked a white girl’.

He is still standing by those claims, despite Jamal’s lawyer saying the family is considering bringing legal action against him.

The alleged ‘attacker’ told The S*n Online: ‘I regret [the incident] but wish to make it clear I was not responsible for breaking his arm, nor had I been bullying him over a period of time as has been reported,’ he wrote.

He continued: ‘The incident was isolated and came about from an altercation between us earlier that day. The incident was not racial as up to that time we had been on good terms.

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