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BORDERLESS: Lauren Southern To Hold Crisis Meeting INSIDE EU Parliament

LAUREN Southern will be showcasing her latest film ‘Borderless’ inside the EU Parliament later this week.

The preview will include the screening of a face to face interview with members of a human trafficking ring in Morocco, the first of its kind recorded by a journalist on either side relating to the European Migrant crisis.

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Lauren Southern: Borderless

Her documentary includes an undercover report exposing a major NGO found teaching asylum seekers to lie in interviews and a segment featuring a meeting with the now-imprisoned CEO of a search and rescue organisation caught colluding with smugglers.

As part of the exclusive screening, there will be a discussion about the making of the documentary including Lauren and her film crews arrest and detention at the hands of the Turkish military, also discussed will be the role of Europe’s politicians and some of the biggest operating NGOs.

A protest and backlash is expected from the extreme left within the Parliament and activists who have targeted every one of Lauren’s events in the past.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Lauren Southern said: “The European Union has been the ivory tower from which delusional policies have been forced on the European people.”

“Borderless is a documentary which uncovers the impact of such policies, and the culpability of those who create them. From the unnecessary drowning of refugees to the regret of migrants miss-sold a European dream, and the exponential rise in sexual assault, homicide and terrorism; it is time to lay these crimes at the doorstep of their collapsing kingdom.”

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Janice Atkinson MEP told Politicalite: “As the real truth is suppressed about the scale of illegal migration and politicians from the Right are put on trial for telling the truth, as we head into the EU elections and Brexit, this film is an important and timely reminder that we’re not in control of our borders, who comes here and that taxpayer-funded NGOs are really people traffickers aided by the liberal left. I commend this important film as a documentary of our time and a battle to preserve our way of life.”

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