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WORLD GOVERNMENT: UN flies African ‘refugees’ into Germany

THE UNITED Nations has started flying African ‘refugees’ directly into Germany. Did they ask the German people, who are already reeling from the 2015 influx of ‘refugees’? Of course not, because ‘they’ know better.

In 2018 the United Nations persuaded many nations to sign the protocol for managed migration which gives migrants the right to go wherever they like in the world, and outlaws criticism of migration. 

A few sensible European leaders refused to sign the document, which had precursors nearly 20 years previously which had been signed by their predecessors.

This has grown out of the ‘resolutions of Strasbourg’ of 6-8 June 1975 which were a ‘resolution’ of the OPEC oil crisis on 1973 – a crisis produced by Arab countries refusing to sell oil to countries which had supported Israel in the Arab-Israeli war of that year. The ‘resolution’ to the crisis was to allow Arabs free entry to Europe with instant access to citizen rights but without integration, along with support for the Palestinian cause and a new media approach of positive coverage of Islam.

What is this all about? Nothing less than the destruction of European civilisation and Christianity, to pave the way for a world government of an elite communist clique who will control the rootless, multi-cultural population which is too mixed up, degraded and brainwashed to resist their slavery.

The United Nations has been sold to us as a peace-keeping organisation which has policed troubled areas of the world. 

However, we were never told that many of the top officials of the UN right from the start were known, communists – for instance, Brock Chisholm, first director-general of the World Health Organization, who famously pronounced that to achieve One-World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to their traditions and national identification.

Who has organised these flights? The UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The roots of this unelected quango are in WWII, when it was known as the Provisional Intergovernmental Committee for the Movement of Migrants from Europe (PICMME), and was born in 1951 out of the chaos and displacement of Western Europe. 

Over the succeeding decades, it was transformed, through various instantiations, into its current form, in 1989 which, in its own words, “reflects the organization’ transition over half a century from logistics agency to migration agency.” 

The current Director-General is Antonio Vitorino, previously a Socialist minister in the Portuguese government and later a European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs. 

In 2017 Vitorino was part of the advisory boards of the “International Migration Initiative” (Open Society Foundations) and the “Transatlantic Council on Migration” (Migration Policy Institute). In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, Open Society Foundations is on of George Soros’s vehicles for ‘playing God’. states, a further eight states holding observer status and offices in over 100 countries, IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

On 18th October IOM Ethiopia shared a video of 154 Somali ‘refugees’ arriving at the airport in Kassel, Germany with the caption: “It happened! In FIRST EVER UN Migration international chartered flight from Ethiopia, 154 refugees departed from Addis Ababa to Kassel Germany under the German Resettlement program,” the agency wrote. 

“A second flight is scheduled to depart mid-November with another 220 refugees.” They also issued a press release explaining the plan to resettled 500 Somalis from Ethiopia to Germany.

In an accompanying press release, the IOM explained that the migrants were all from Somalia.

If the Ethiopian experience of Somalis is anything like the European experience, their enthusiasm is hardly surprising – Somalis have proved to be the most resistant to integration and the least open to employment of all immigrants, with some 80% of Somalis in the UK being unemployed, and higher rates in some European countries.

Could this be why the UN is so keen to send Somalis to Europe? There can be no doubt that their plan is to destroy European civilisation because it is the one most able and likely to support freedom over totalitarianism. 

The Europeans must be broken by a huge influx of radically different and preferably low-IQ immigrants who will out-breed them and happily kill them. 

The communists fondly imagine that in the battle with Islam, they will win – but history tells us that Islamic brutality and savagery is greater even than that of communists.

Bethany Helmsley also writes at Serpent Stail 

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