EXCLUSIVE: Cocaine And Conservative Islam: How Iran Funds Terrorism

TERRORISM is being heavily funded by both the government of Iran and an enormous underground drug smuggling operation, it has been revealed.

Whilst the Democratic Party , along with ex-President Barack Obama and their supporters, are attempting to paint the Trump administration as inept or deceitful in deploying navy battleships in response to intelligence that Iran is preparing strikes on US territories, new information has surfaced exposing the serious terrorist threat posed by Iran – further vindicating the US President. 

Hezbollah soldiers celebrate the downing of an Israeli fighter jet.

In a recently-produced international media report, it has been revealed that Iran’s global terrorism partner, Lebanese Hezbollah, has entered such dire financial straits that it can no longer even supply free groceries to its employees, and begs the people to fill jihad donation boxes.

President Donald Trump’s to-the-bone-marrow sanctions against terror-patron Iran has forced Tehran into cutting subsidies to various jihadist and terrorist outfits around the world. This has forced Hezbollah fighter furloughs from Syria, staff layoffs at its Al-Manar Internet TV station, slashes in Jihadist salaries, reimbursement expenses, and jihad donation boxes being deployed all over Lebanon in a desperate attempt by Iran-based Islamic terrorists to make ends meet, the report said.

TERRORIST: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

By no means, however, are Hezbollah poor. Since 2006, the notorious terror outfit has been involved in the lucrative international cocaine trafficking industry based in Latin America.

According to intelligence agencies, Iran was providing 70 percent of the annual operational budget of Hezbollah, which was anywhere from $200 to $700 million a year. This information was previously unknown to anyone outside of the intelligence world. But in recent years, Hezbollah’s profit from the cocaine trafficking industry in Latin America exceeds what Iran has donated to the Jihadists in recent years.

According to the Small Wars Journal, Hezbollah is using far-flung members of the Lebanese diaspora to force its way even further into the narcotics trade of Central and South America, securing access to narcotics and developing a smuggling and distribution network across North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Treasury Department said that just one Hezbollah smuggling ring in Central America generated more than $200 million every month. The DEA’s 2008-2016 “Project Cassandra”also found that Hezbollah’s “External Security Organization Business Affairs” arm collected as much as $1 billion a year from money laundering, criminal activities, and through the drugs and weapons trade.

BUSTED: Terrorist drug loot seized in the Middle East.

Hezbollah’s trafficking and globally circuitous money-laundering operations are extensive, well-reported, and notorious in Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Panama.

The terrorist organisation is able and willing to carry out large-scale suicide bombings and smaller-scale assassinations when called upon, as they have in Thailand and Bulgaria.

Similarly, Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, Lashkar e Taiba, Joish e Mohammad, Jamaatul Mujahedin or Hijbul Mujahedin are also alleged to already be engaged in the international drugs trafficking industry as well as other activities such as money laundering and dealing in arms.

A few months back Sri Lankan police arrest a group of drug dealers with a large consignment of narcotics. Following interrogation it was revealed that a narco network has been established throughout the South Asian nations, while the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) has joined hands with the syndicate connecting the Myanmar-based Yaba manufacturing and trafficking networks.

This transnational drugs and money laundering business has become a lucrative joint-venture between the jihadists, ISIS, and allegedly even Pakistan; helping to fund terrorist attacks and further the vile cause of Jihad against Western nations.


Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter Salah_Shoaib

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