RUSSIAN Jihadi Bride Was Caught With Lingerie And ‘Fetish Mittens’

A RUSSIAN wannabe Jihadi bride who packed sexy lingerie and long velvet fetish gloves to impress her ISIS husband-to-be while attempting to flee to Syria has admitted her “stupidity.”

Vararva Karaulova, 23, is due to be released early from her four and a half year sentence after a Russian court accepted that she had been brainwashed online.

The  saucy Sharia-lover had been jailed in 2016 for seeking to join ISIS after “falling in love” with a Jihadist on the internet.

Karaulova cries in jail.

Karaulova, who studied philosophy at Moscow State University, was stopped close to the border in Turkey en route to Syria after her father Pavel reported her missing.

Then aged 20, she had never met extremist fanatic Airat Samatov, 36, she hoped to “impress” with her sexy underwear and black bdsm-style gloves.

Her original trial heard she had been radicalised by sick jihadi terrorists and later misled Russia’s FSB security service to protect her depraved husband-to-be.

Sick ISIS terrorists may have been grooming the young Russian woman to be a suicide bomber, it was alleged.

But this week, she told a remission court hearing that she now regrets her actions.

She said: “What I did and what happened is the biggest stupidity I’ve ever done in my life, for which I cannot stop blaming myself. I keep thinking about it.”

RANDY RADICAL: Airat Samatov.

Karaulova, also known as Alexandra Ivanova, denied charges in the remission court hearing in Vologda that she had not repented.

She told the court: “It is very strange for me to hear that I do not repent. You are mistaken.”

Her divorced parents, who had been unaware of her find extremism, embraced when the judge announced she would be freed immediately.

Mother Kira said: “The main lesson is for us and for all the parents is love your children and let them know this.”

Mother and Father of the Bride.

Her father said he was “over the moon” that the judge had ordered her release one year and ten days before the end of her sentence.

Ramazn Kadyrov, leader of Muslim-majority country Chechnya, said the case highlighted the need to ban extremist Islamic sites online.

The [struggle] on the internet is important, so that children cannot calmly find these sites and read nonsense,” he said.

We need to work on it. The fact that she fell into these networks is our fault, of the Russian regions, of the state.

We are not working well.”

The Russian lover in court.

Some 4,000 Russian citizens, mostly from predominantly Muslim regions, have travelled to join ISIS.

However, Karaulova was from a middle-class, non-Muslim background.

She found her prison sentence “very hard” but won praise for good behaviour.

Her appeal to cut her sentence was backed by human rights figures including regional ombudsman Oleg Dimoni.

Her parents are reported to be disappointed over her imprisonment. But not, perhaps, as disappointed as her now lingerie-less Jihadi fiance.

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