COMMENT: The Left and Owen Jones’ Silence On Muslim Homophobia Speaks Volumes

LAST year little Owen Jones told gay men like me to stand behind ‘under-fire’ Muslims because apparently, they had “endured prejudice and bigotry,” yet as Muslims attack the gay community in Britain, the likes of Owen and the left have remained silent.

Writing in the leftie Gay magazine ‘Attitude’ he claimed that “gay people have a responsibility to support those who endure the same”, yet as a group of Muslims spout Homophobic rhetoric and hate on the streets of Britain – to YOUNG impressionable minds, he has remained SILENT.

Owen is no friend of the LGBT community, he’s the subservient bitch-boy of Muhammad, and that’s exactly why gay and proud men like me support the likes of Tommy Robinson, we know where we stand with Islam, and if they had their way – we’d all be locked up or thrown off a high-rise building, simply for loving someone of the same sex.

At the time, I attacked Owen, because I have endured the same kind of prejudice from members of the Muslim community, I know first hand and have spoken to ‘closeted’ Muslim men, about the effects of that very anti-Gay prejudice from the likes as the scum standing outside a British school, telling us that being gay is wrong.

Millions of men are still afraid to come out in the UK, my ex-partner lived a life hiding in the closet – because of the very kind of homophobia that the Parkfield Muslims are spouting, we had to hide our relationship due to homophobia, yet the Police, the Media and the left are ignoring it.

It’s not wrong to be gay or bisexual, there is nothing wrong with promoting or explaining gay relationships to kids… no-one will be ‘turned gay’ by such lessons, you are born gay, you don’t simply become ‘indoctrinated’ and turn into a woofter!

To any straight folks reading this who might think these kind of lessons will turn kids gay, I have one thing to say; did you chose to be straight?

No, it’s just the way you are… and that’s exactly how it works for gay, lesbian and bisexual people, yet Muslims are attacking a harmless inclusiveness and diversity programme, set up by a gay assistant head teacher at a British school because they are a bunch of dumb Homophobes.

The Muslims say that it’s not OK to “Give a positive spin” about being gay and they don’t like the school telling kids that “it is okay for you to be Muslim and for you to be gay.”

“Shame, shame, shame.” say the Muslims, the only SHAME is the Muslims themselves thinking they can turn Britain into a Saudi Arabian enclave of hate and oppression.

Could you imagine the outcry if Catholic parents started to protest outside a school sprouting homophobic hatred? The left would be up in arms.

Why is this minority group allowed to spout its hate on the streets of Britain? Whilst the likes of Tommy Robinson are silenced?

The Muslims claim that “Our beliefs are not here to be changed.” like they are the majority here in Britain, yet they live in a Western country, where members of the LGBT community are supposed to be protected by this kind of hate, yet because they are from the ‘peaceful and tolerant’ religion of Islam, they are allowed to get away with it.

Quite frankly, It stinks.

They are now claiming that they will ‘Abolish’ the lessons not just in Birmingham, but in every British school in the country.

Britain is now putting the views of an archaic, homophobic religion before the rights of gay people across Britain.

When will the likes of Owen Jones and the left stand up for the Gay community?

I won’t hold my breath.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alistair Ergy

    March 11, 2019 at 13:23

    If I was a Muslim Owen Jones is the last person I would want standing behind me…..

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