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SPREADING HATE: Muslims ‘Abuse’ Gay Teacher and PROTEST Outside Birmingham School

MUSLIM parents from the stone-age gathered outside a school in the West Midlands to protest against a gay teacher, according to reports.

Hundreds of parents of Parkfield School that is in a Muslim No Go Zone and ‘predominantly Muslim area’, are furious that a gay teacher is in the school.

A petition has since been started by ‘Parkfield Parents’ calling for him to be withdrawn as a nomination for the Global Teacher Award, which he was put forward for last year. It has been signed by 400 parents.

Andrew Moffat, the teacher in question said he’s received ‘nasty emails’ and threats, and one warned him he ‘wouldn’t last long’.

Moffat told the BBC: “I’ve had some nasty emails, I’ve had some comments on messenger. I have felt very threatened… it’s been a challenging couple of weeks.”

A video was also posted to Twitter by Nazareth Ettan, a local resident.

He said: “This is happening 10 minutes away from my house, just down the road.”

“Bigoted Parents protesting at Parkfield Community School against the acceptance of Homosexuality and encouraging kids to mindlessly hate. ”

He added: “‘I’m ashamed of aspects of my South Asian culture, this is one example.”

Despite the protests, he said he’s received ‘posters and cards’ from children he has taught wanting to cheer him up, some of them writing ‘Everyone is welcome’.

Parkfield Community School has said they have no plans to change their teaching.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian yeates

    12 February 2019 at 21:02

    This is a classic homophobic hate crime I wonder if any of the protesters were arrested and charged. I think not.

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