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UNREPENTANT & UNWANTED: British ISIS Bride ‘Begs’ Britain To Let Her Back In

AN Islamic State bride who fled the UK in 2014, has begged Britain to let her return to the UK, despite showing no remorse for moving in with the enemy.

Former Bethnal Green resident, Shamia Begum, now 19 has called on Britain to let her back into the country she now hates, so she can abuse our generous welfare system and use our NHS.

Speaking to The Times of London, Begum who was aged 15 when she fled Britain to back ISIS, along with two others to join the ‘fight’ against the West and our values by marrying an ISIS fighter.

She has been found in a refugee camp in Syria and now wants to return so that her unborn child can be saved, despite showing not a single shred of remorse.

Begum even admitted that she is ‘weak’ for wanting to return to the West, and added that “seeing a severed head” in a bin in the ISIS stronghold “did not faze her at all”.

In a sinister statement, Begum said: “I am not the same silly little school girl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago.” and admitted that “I don’t regret coming here”

She described her life as “normal” in former ISIS capital, Raqqa despite “bombing and stuff.”

The only reason she wants to return is so she can use Britain’s National Health Service to “save her unborn child.” after two of her ISIS children died in Syria.


THIS ISIS fanatic has made her bed, now she must lie in it. If she has no regrets, then why should Britain let her back in? Britain cannot be seen as the soft touch of Europe, letting in an enemy fighter and we are at War with Radical Islam.

Begum is no longer British, she gave up that claim when she decided to run-off to Syria four years ago, she’s had ample opportunity to return and show regret and remorse for her actions – she has not.

Begum is battle-hardened, and it would only be a matter of time before this sleeping ISIS cell re-pays Briain for her kindness.

Security Minister Ben Wallace added: “Ametures have turned into professionals” and added: “They are battled hardened and some want to come back to continue their attacks on our way of life and our values.”

Keep Britain safe, and keep ISIS fanatics like Begum OUT of our country.

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