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POPULIST RISING: Italy and Slovenia embrace a new and fresh wind of populism

THE past couple of weeks have seen a shift in dynamics across Europe. For example, those characters who have been considered the underdogs, and sometimes even the losers from the Italian political landscape have now risen to the top, and obtained power, in what can be seen as a fantastic seizure of opportunity.

Matteo Salvini, the new Italian Minister of Internal Affairs, along with his “half -rival but also half -ally” Luigi Di Maio, and the man who was in the right place, at the right time, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, have shocked not only the Italian but also the European establishment by asserting themselves as leaders of what is now an effectively Eurosceptic and populist Italy, with more than just a touch of Conservatism. Imagine all the Junker’s, Merkels,Verhofstads and Dunands of Brussels, just imagine their nights of quivers and cold sweats when they received the news that populists from the League and 5star Movement, both anti-Euro and both highly in favour of introducing more popular referenda, formed a government in an EU-country.

As if it was not enough, for the poor army of EU technocrats and bureacrats, only after a few days of the Italian result, the Slovenian Democratic Party, which is actually right of centre, wins the elections in Slovenia, and their guide, Janet Jansa will officially form the government under the banners of Nation and Family, and of course, will fight with all means necessary against immigration, and the displacement of its own people. All of this is of course a tragic to the suit and tie charlatans sitting in Brussels and Strasbourg. For them, the future looks less bright than it looked two decades ago. After what happened with Brexit in Britain, or the boost of the Front National in France, and now Italy and Slovenia redirecting themselves to the right, it looks as though the demoniacal Kalergi Plan will not be put into full-effect after all, and this wave of cheap labour force coming from Africa could be finally halted.

Let’s face it, the elites, such as Emmanuel Dunand who now openly advocated for totalitarianism by stating “the markets will soon teach the Italians how to vote”, have all underestimated the power of the people. European masses are not as stupid as they would hope they were; they chose Salvini in Italy, a controversial man with the personality of a brute, who often does not even shave, but nonetheless has a solid agenda that sparks the interest of the people. Italians do no longer care how ugly and how racist he is according to the lying mainstream media that depicts him as such. At the same time, Slovenians would rather vote for Jansa, a man who has suffered countless losses and betrayed some of his promises while previously prime minister, rather than have their country run by high-finance egomaniacs from the EU organisations who are not even Slovenian.

Now is the time for all sensible Europeans, of all ethnicities and political leanings, whether Anglo, Mediterranean or Slavic does not matter, what matters is taking back control of our borders and economies throughout the continent. Only by fighting the evil high-ranking puppeteers who have created the European Union, we can salvage the social fabric of a true Europe. A greater Europe of ethnopluralist character but with a common culture, identity and sense of trade, instead of one that pretends to have an identity while not having one and feels like it must import people from remote areas of the world to make ends meet.

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