BAD MORNING: Gay Charity SLAMS GMB Host After He ‘Outs’ Love Island Star

GOOD Morning Britain stand-in host Adil Ray was slammed today after appearing to ‘out’ and ‘label’ ex-Love Islander Curtis Pritchard.

Curtis, appeared on the ITV morning show, but was ‘ambushed’ by Kate Garraway and stand-in host Adil Ray over his sexuality.

Curt, who coupled up with Amy Hart before ‘ditching’ her following the Casa Amor twsit – recently revealed that he ‘would be open’ to a relationship with a man, saying that ‘Love Is Blind’ – but declined to ‘put a label’ on his sexuality… it’s 2019, after all.

Pritchard, 23 eventually ended up with Maura – but his ‘close’ bromance with Tommy Fury left fans wondering if the star was ‘in the closet’ and Love Island Unseen added a burning ring of fire to the fury after images were beamed to 5.2m ITV2 viewers of Curtis ‘waxing’ Tommy’s arse.

The Islander appeared on ITV’s smash-hit Good Morning Britian this morning, but fans were left fuming after Muslim host Adil Ray appeared to ‘publicly out’ the reality star by trying to claim he was bisexual.

Adil, who has faced criticism before repeatedly tried to press Prictchard on his sexualty, despite Love having No Labels.

Curt said: “The future’s a road which is unwritten.”

“Nobody can ever say what’s going to happen in the future, really. Last year, would I have ever said I’d be on Love Island? No, and this year I was on Love Island.

“So, I never want to label what the future’s going to be, because I don’t think anyone can ever really do that. So, all I want to say is I’m 100% comfortable where I am now in my relationship with Maura [Higgins], and it is moving in the correct direction.”

Adil asked asked Curtis if he was bisexual, and Curtis seemed shocked and uncomfortable.

Curt added: “I’m not labelling anything, because I don’t feel like I need to label anything, because so many people put labels on things, so many people say things like this and that.”

Social media users were left seething with one writing: “How dare u push @CurtisPritchard 2 answer such a personal question! He should NOT have been put in this situation ESPECIALLY on LIVE TV! It’s no ones business! NOT IMPRESSED. Kudos 2 him not telling u to f*ck off live on air! @adilray.

Miss Crystal wrote: “@adilray *ring ring* hi…it’s 2019 calling for you! Don’t force people to fit inside a little box you think society needs. @CurtisPritchard you handled that interview with grace and dignity. #JustDoYou @GMB, time for new, open minded presenters i think. X

The British LGBT Awards tweeted: “So @LoveIsland‘s @CurtisPritchard doesn’t label his sexuality… like thousands of other young people. @GMB‘s Adil Ray trying to force Curtis into a definition is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. And we wonder why so many young people still feel unable to come out(!).

Replying to Politicalite’s Jordan James who wrote: “What has Curtis’ sexuality got to do with you @adilray.”

“It’s up to him to tell people who he is! Don’t try to FORCE someone to come out on national live TV! So wrong. #GMB.” Mr Ray said:

Responding to the question, Adil told Politicalite via Twitter: “Because he talked about it in an interview and it’s my job.”

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