BURNING ISSUE: 1.5 THOUSAND London Acid Attacks Since 2011 – ‘Highest In World’

BARBARIC acid attacks in Britain’s capital are now at unprecedented levels, new data reveals, exposing an irrefutable failure by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and the government in tackling the growing epidemic. 

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that between 2011 and 2016, London had nearly 1,500 cases of the evil crime, which severely burns the skin and leaves victims writhing in agony from their injuries.

Firemen hose-down an acid attack victim in London.

In the long term, the scale of the injuries are so scarring and disfiguring that the many victims can also often suffer serious psychological damage as a result of the attacks.

Last year alone, there were 431 such acid attacks in Khan’s London – a rise of 170 cases from the year prior, and a massive increase since Boris Johnson left office. 

Acid attacks in London boroughs

  1. Newham – 398

  2. Barking & Dagenham – 134

  3. Tower Hamlets – 84

  4. Havering – 81

  5. Redbridge – 64

  6. Hackney – 45

  7. Barnet – 44

  8. Croydon – 42

  9. Ealing – 40

  10. Hillingdon – 36

  11. Islington – 34

  12. Hounslow – 31

  13. Hammersmith & Fulham – 30

  14. Brent – 30

  15. Waltham Forest – 29

  16. Greenwich 28

  17. Harrow – 27

  18. Lewisham – 27

  19. Sutton – 27

  20. Richmond-upon-Thames – 25

  21. Enfield – 26

  22. Southwark – 24

  23. Westminster – 24

  24. Camden – 24

  25. Bromley – 19

  26. Merton – 19

  27. Haringey – 18

  28. Bexley – 17

  29. Wandsworth – 17

  30. Kingston upon Thames – 16

  31. Lambeth – 15

  32. Kensington & Chelsea – 15

Whilst globally, roughly 80% of the attacks are carried out by vengeful men in less culturally-advanced countries such as Pakistan by men who have had their marriage proposals or sexual advances rebuffed, in the UK, the statistics show that the victims (71%) are men caught-up in gang-related incidents, with an overwhelmingly large proportion (as with knife crime) coming from the young black community.

Turkish gang from North East London convicted after violent acid attack in Dalston.

Jaf Shah, the executive director of the support group Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), said on the matter: “Looking at the data in general, there is a fairly large probability that a high percentage of the incidents are male-on-male attacks and most likely to be gang-related.

“The numbers appear to be very high and suggest an increase, which is very concerning.”

Acid victim Hanifa Nakiryowa founded the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence.

In certain Boroughs of London, where jumped-up unemployed youths are now comparing themselves to the likes of rapper B.I.G or infamous fictional drug lord Tony Montana, simply for selling a few ten bags of weed, a former gang member described how acid attacks had become more acceptable and were not seen as a “big deal”.

A victim is helped by a passerby after a brutal attack in London.

“People don’t think of the consequences,” he said. “It’s easy to buy most of the ingredients legally…One of my cousins was done a few years ago. He was attacked on his shoulder and my uncle just dressed it for him at home.

“Acid is used as an extreme mark of dominance. It’s letting the individual know I haven’t killed you, but it’s almost worse than that, it’s a mark – on your face. It’s a sinister legacy.”

The difficulty and emotional trauma in reporting acid attacks suggest that the figures are even likely to be significantly higher. 

The startling statistics come just a day after yet another attack was carried out in a London Borough in broad daylight. 

In a video now widely circulated on social media, a hooded thug appears to spray acid through the window of a car before its two black passengers leap out and begin desperately taking their clothes off and screaming out in pain.

One victim later warned his attackers “you f***ed up, you should have killed me” as he appeared to promise revenge.

Another man is doused in cold water to cool his burning wounds on Sunday.

Decent members of the public rushed to the men’s aid after the Friday night attack, pouring water over their wounds to wash away the harmful acid.

Earlier on Friday, a man was walking on Walthamstow High Street just after 6.30am when two cowardly men wearing burkhas chucked the highly corrosive substance over him.

They then fled the scene in a waiting car, with cops still hunting the suspects.

According to Acid Survivors Trust International, the UK has one of the highest rates of acid attacks per capita in the world.

The group says Britain does not have “tight controls on acid sales” or “legislation specific to acid attacks”.

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