KHANAGE: Sadiq Confirms He Is Standing Again

SADIQ Khan is standing again as London Mayor in 2020. No real surprises there, Mr Khan is not the kind of man to let his grip be prised from power once he has it. However, it means that we all now have to think seriously about how we stop Khan.

Dislike of Khan bridges political divides. When I was out leafletting for UKIP in Lewisham East I had a convivial conversation with a Tory leafleter which ended with us agreeing that no matter what divides us we both know that if London is to have any kind of a future Khan has to go.

I don’t hold any hope that any of the political parties will be able to agree on a common candidate so we will have to accept that each and every one will stand. This will, of course, split the opposition vote and when faced with a solid phalanx of Khan supporters the odds seemingly then are stacked against us. In addition to the various parties, figures such as Raheem Kassam could decide to stand as an independent.

So, are defeated before we even start? Not necessarily. Maybe rather than call blindly for something we know won’t happen we should start with what we have in common and work with that. We all dislike Khan and know he needs to go and if we cannot unite our vote behind one candidate what about trying to chip away at his?

Generation Identity recently ran a campaign in Lewisham East which rather than calling for a vote for a Party actively sought to attack Labour and expose them and left the rest to others. GI members are somewhat split between allegiance to UKIP and For Britain, if they align themselves with Party politics at all, so obviously this is a neat way to resolve the issue.

It does point towards the approach we can take in 2020. It would be excellent if people from across the Parties could work together to target Khan’s record and seek to depress his vote. Let me be the first to call for it. London needs rid of Khan if it is to stop bleeding literally and metaphorically. Surely this is one of those occasions when we must recognise that the greater good demands we put aside our Party hats for a moment and focus on what the people need and as I have said there is no question that Londoners need Khan to be beaten at the polls. The only way we can do that is if we unite in some way on our common ground.

So, I guess it is over to you, the reader, who is up for a united Stop Khan campaign?

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