AGENT COB THREATENS PRESS: Communist Dictator Jeremy Corbylini THREATENS Britain’s Free Press

WANNABE Tinpot dictator Jeremy Corbyn has threatened Britain’s Free press after the media exposed his ties to a Czechoslovakian spymaster.

Comrade Corbyn refused to answer questions about the claims and posted a video on social media and said “He’s got news” for the Press.

CRAZED: Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn, 68 attacked Britain’s biggest selling newspapers, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Express.

In his sinister rant, Mr Corbyn vowed revenge and said: “We’ve got news for them: change is coming”.

Corbyn claimed that the newspapers were “controlled by billionaire tax exiles, who are determined to dodge paying their fair share”.

And added: “Publishing these ridiculous smears that have been refuted by Czech officials shows just how worried the media bosses are by the prospect of a Labour government”.

Nigel Farage said: “Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the free press after refusing broadcast interviews all day. I suspect he has something to hide. Let’s see the Stasi file”.

Mr Corbyn also hit out at the Daily Mail journalist and said: “Thank you for your question.

“I am very sorry that the Daily Mail has reduced itself to reproducing some nonsense that was written in The Sun beforehand.”

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