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JOE DENBY: Corbynism has colonised London’s Brick Lane and the irony is striking

BRICK Lane for quite some time has been a trendy little hotbed for hipsters, artists and the like. 

While at one end you have the most competitive strip of Indian restaurants and at the top, you have the world famous 24 hour bagel shop. It’s a buzzing area of Vintage shops, bars, art exhibitions and restaurants and on a Sunday you have a massive outdoor and indoor flea markets with food stalls serving foods from all over the world which runs through Brick Lane all through to Shoreditch High Street.

Now it has become a pretentious bourgeoisie socialist shrine where everyone worships at the altar of their cult leader Jeremy Corbyn. While graffiti art is nothing new there you once used see cool, quirky and thought provoking pieces. Now it is now wall to wall leftist propaganda from the book shops and most heartbreakingly, even the massive record shop is filled leftist and Marxist literature. It’s everywhere!

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Most strikingly in the famous Rough trade record shop, they had a table which labelled “politics and Protest” had books solely on Anarchy, Anti Brexit, Marxism and Palestine. Not a Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill biography in site.

As you go further up the street you are bombarded with anti Tory, Anti Trump and Anti Brexit art Pieces. There was one piece of graffiti saying “Kill cops” and there is a particular love for socialism and Jeremy Corbyn and a hatred for capitalism.

The best part in all this is that in this little socialist hotbed you are surrounded by booming small businesses, yards in every direction is a one off independent places with great ideas and niches. There’s a trendy barbers (Jack the Clipper!) a lovely chocolate shop with beautifully displayed truffles and dozens of bars and coffee shops with gluten free, vegan snacks (all very expensive of course!) and a clothes shop that charges £400 for a pair of jeans, £250 for a cardigan and £300 for a denim jacket!

Makes you wonder are they driven by jealousy because they can’t afford a £400 pair of jeans or £20 on an album on vinyl with has been a fiver on cd for 20 years or guilt because they can? You can go out in the morning, grab a coffee and a healthy muffin, get a haircut, spend the afternoon rummaging through the vintage shops, and clothes shops, have a beer and a pulled pork sandwich for lunch and buy some records and books and go home and read about how terrible you are!

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It’s cool to see something thought provoking in an artistic area but what is on display in Brick Lane is depressingly one sided, a sickeningly self-congratulating echo chamber where the local’s haven’t had a single conversation with someone who disagrees with them. The tragic thing is those who are being conned are always the last to find out, the worst thing that could possibly happen to these people is if they actually get what they want.

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