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ARE YOU A MONARCH, MR CORBYN?: Labour Leader Compared To ‘Dictatorial Monarch’ After Unclear Brexit Stance

LABOUR Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was branded a ‘monarch’ last night after he gave no clear view on Brexit – and the party faithful gave no clear opinion on what the party would back.

Top Labour figures said the party was a ‘remain party’ and Shadow Cabinet ministers openly aired their views to keep Britain IN the European Union.

Hardly any Labour voices backed Brexit or Leave – signalling they wanted yet another vote on EU membership – despite Labour heartlands voting to leave the EU. 

The party is also facing the wrath of some 17.4m Brexiteers after top figures signalled the party should campaign to remain in the European Union, despite many working-class folks in Labour heartlands voting to leave the EU. 

Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn had splinters on his arse after he stayed neutral telling Labour members and potential voters that he would ‘negotiate a new Brexit deal with Brussels which would then be put to a referendum.


He was compared to a ‘monarch’ like a king or queen who shows no clear stance on politics – a little like Queen Elizabeth and the Monarchy – that Corbyn once signalled he wanted to abolish. 

The hard-left Labour leader revealed both he and some Labour MPs would prefer it if the monarchy was abolished.


In a controversial interview in 2001, Mr Corbyn revealed: “I think it’s time that we just moved on.”

“When the Queen completes her reign, wouldn’t that be an appropriate time to call it a day and have an elected Head of State?” asked Mr Corbyn – now he’s acting just like a monarch with no clear view on Brexit – the biggest political migrane of our times.

Under Mr Corbyn’s plans, the party’s position on how to campaign would not be decided until a special conference, after the expected general election – so Labour could possibly ‘do-over’ Brexit voters and stay in the EU. 


Delegates at the conference in Brighton backed a statement setting out his position and broke out into a chorus of “oh, Jeremy Corbyn” after the result of the vote was announced. 

In chaotic scenes, the conference then rejected a motion which would have called on Labour to come out in support of Remain now rather than waiting until after an election.

A decision on how the party would campaign in the referendum would be taken at a subsequent special conference.

Delegates at Labour’s conference in Brighton voted on whether the party should decide now on whether to campaign to stay in the European Union, even if that means rejecting a deal Mr Corbyn has negotiated with the EU.

Shadow cabinet ministers including Emily Thornberry and Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson called for the party to back a Remain vote now, rather than wait for a special conference after the election.

Their actions led to far-left Unite union boss Len McCluskey suggesting they should either get in line or “step aside” from their shadow cabinet roles.

Remainer John McDonnell told Sky News: “Len is being Len. We are working together as a party to make sure the people have a choice and the people will decide.”

The result of the Brexit vote will hinge on whether the unions decide to back Mr Corbyn’s position, which was set out in a statement from the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

The Unison Union will vote against the NEC statement on Brexit later today at the party’s annual conference and support the motion calling for Labour to campaign for remain.

A source said the move was aimed at giving a clear and unambiguous message on Brexit to help bring about the election of a Labour government.

Most other unions are expected to support the NEC statement, with Mr McCluskey pleading with delegates to back Mr Corbyn.

He told the conference: “I implore you, please give Jeremy the support he needs later so that prime minister Corbyn can lead us to a bright new dawn.”

Mr Corbyn’s NEC statement was emailed round the body and endorsed without a formal meeting on Saturday, despite opposition from some members.



LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan said that the party is a remain party.

He took to Twitter and said: “I do not believe this decision reflects the views of the overwhelming majority of Labour members who desperately want to stop Brexit. Labour IS a Remain party. “

“I will continue campaigning with @LondonLabour to give the public the final say and stop Brexit.”


LABOUR sparked mockery and laughter after the far-left party announced plans to ABOLISH private schools, despite party leader Jeremy Corbyn attending, yes you guessed it… a private school. 

The policy was even branded extremely “worrying proposition” by a senior education figure.

The Far-Leftist shadow education secretary Angela Rayner vowed to “integrate” all private schools into the state sector if Labour wins the next election. 

Labour approved the policy on Sunday and the plans will probably be included in Labour’s general election manifesto.



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