HIGH PRICE: Brexiteer Embery Warns Labour Over Brexit Betrayal

PAUL Embery maybe in many regards an a-typical red but few could doubt his commitment to Brexit. He was a member of the National Executive of the Fire Brigades Union until he was pushed off for speaking on the platform of Leave Means Leave, a cross-Party pro-Brexit campaign.

In many ways, his story typifies the exclusion and demonisation of working-class Brexiteers.

Now he has spoken out against Labour’s betrayal of its Leave-supporting voters:

Official Labour policy has become more and more pro-Remain as time has worn on but the Party remains hopelessly divided. Labour MP’s hold the key to Boris Johnson winning any Parliamentary majority for a new Brexit deal but frontbenchers have warned them to think again before defying what will likely be a three-line whip.

Clive Lewis, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, said:

“I would urge any Labour MP who is considering voting for a Tory deal to think very, very carefully.” 

“If Boris Johnson can go into an election as the man who delivered Brexit, we will be in serious trouble. It will be the Tories, not supportive Labour MPs, that reap the electoral rewards of any such deal. They will in effect be signing up to their own political demise.”

Depending on the terms of the deal, Johnson may struggle to win the support of Labour Brexiteers such as Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall, who was clear on Twitter that Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the UK:

Once upon a time, Europe and the EU divided the Tories but now it has become just as, if not more, divisive for the Labour Party. Embery is right, it will surely pay some kind of price at the polls for abandoning its traditional voters……

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