LOONEY LAMMY: Labour MP calls for pay cuts for footballers… BUT not for MPs

DAVID Lammy MP has been mocked after the Tottenham MP suggested that Premier League footballers taking paycuts amid Coronavirus were ‘criminal’ – as they had not moved more quickly.

He took to Twitter and said how it was ‘completely wrong’ for taxpayers to be subsidise those who work at the clubs instead.

Many people responded badly to this, citing the hypocrisy of Lammy (being an elected MP on a salary of £81,932 as of now) asking for such cuts, whereas he hasn’t done so for his own profession.

TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer asked ‘when are MPs planning to take a pay cut’ and former UKIP and Social Democratic Party MEP Patrick O’Flynn claimed that Lammy was being ‘tricky’, given the recent aforementioned pay rise.

A user called Thailman acknowledged that while he felt Lammy was ‘right (for once)’ that ‘self awareness was never his strongest attribute’ and another user called CricketBadger responded by calling both footballers and cricketers an ‘easy target’ for such cuts.

This controversy is also prominent in the case of Lammy as he has not only taken such pay increases without much compliant, he also has caused controversy in the past over his expenses.

This came to a head in 2004, whereby his local paper of the Haringey Advertiser reported that not only did he claim up to £12,041 in expenses that year (£18,626 adjusted for inflation), but also had £20,333 a year as well in the means of second home allowance, relating to his house in south London at the time (£31,453 adjusted for inflation today).

Lammy has also since claimed expenses annually between £150,000-200,000 since 2010, and has a net worth of £11,323,200.

He’s defended some of these expenses, claiming that they aren’t such, and that rather are mainly staff salaries and constituency office rent, and it was nothing compared to how his constituents were being ‘smashed by austerity’.

As of now, the coronavirus has led to 33,718 cases in the UK, along with 2,921 deaths (the largest increase of fatalities related to the virus so far in this country) and 135 recoveries.

This compares to the worldwide total of 996,836 cases of the virus, with 50,968 deaths and 208,631 recoveries.

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