NICK GRIFFIN BACKS CORBYN: Ex BNP Boss Backs Embattled Corbyn

IT IS THE kind of endorsement that Jeremy Corbyn probably didn’t want because it speaks volumes about his position. Engulfed by new revelations about his own and Labour’s ingrained anti-Semitism Corbyn has attracted the backing of ex-British National Party leader, Nick Griffin. He tweeted:

The media is speculating that the crisis could well spell the end of Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party as rumors swirl of splits and the formation of a new centrist Party possibly with the Lib Dems. Mike Gapes, Labour MP for Ilford South has stated publicly that the Party is a “horrible place to be” and is reportedly “agonising” over whether to stay within Labour.

However, it is worth noting that previous attempts to topple Corbyn started within the Parliamentary Labour Party have spectacularly failed to dislodge him. Notably, in 2016, the attempted putsch following the Brexit referendum which culminated in Owen Smith’s lackluster leadership challenge was crushed as soon as the Labour membership was given a say which it’s new rules mean they always will be given. Even were Corbyn to be removed by some minor miracle his replacement would undoubtedly have very similar politics. Centrist Labour MPs will, therefore, be left with little realistic choice other than to put up and shut up or eventually leave.

Whether they will actually have the bottle to walk the walk though is, of course, another question entirely…..

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