OLD LABOUR: Gordon Brown BACKS Keir Starmer in the Labour Leadership Race

FORMER PM Gordon Brown has thrown his support for Sir Keir Starmer in the Labour leadership race, adding more support to the current frontrunner’s chances of leading the left-wing party.

While describing all of the candidates running as ‘worthy’ (which also include current Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey and former Shadow Energy Secretary Lisa Nandy), he picked out Starmer particularly, claiming that he had ‘the expertise, with the eloquence, with the dedication, with the commitment and indeed with the values that are necessary for Labour to return to power’, all the while he had the ‘qualifications that are necessary for a prime minister of the future’.

He also heavily criticised the governing Conservative Party during his endorsement, which has since been shared online through Starmer’s Twitter account. He claimed that the Tory Party had ‘demolishing much of the social fabric and the postwar social contract’ leaving a situation whereby they had allegedly left ‘millions of workers are on low pay and millions of children as a result are in poverty’.

Meanwhile, Blair hasn’t given his endorsement to anyone, but suggested that the party needed someone more ‘moderate’ than Corbyn, feeling as though ‘we [the Labour Party] would have done a lot better at this last election’, if someone more centre-left was chosen. This echoes his earlier sentiments at an event at King’s College University in London to mark 120 years of the Labour Party, whereby he made light of the fact that he was the last Labour Party leader still alive who’d won a election, and that Corbyn’s policies were ‘hopelessly out of date’ and that ‘Labour’s aim is not to trend on Twitter or to have celebrities temporarily fawn over us, our task is to win power’.

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