PETERBOROUGH Labour Candidate EXPOSED As Anti-Jew Terrorist-Sympathiser

LABOUR’S candidate in the Peterborough by-election has been forced into giving a half-hearted apology after liking an antisemitic Facebook post that claims Theresa May has a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda”.

An investigation of Lisa Forbes’s social media activity also found she approved of a message claiming (in typical Islamist-appeasing fashion) that Islamic extremists were created by the CIA and Mossad.

I have enjoyed reading this thread so much,” she commented underneath. “So much that trys [sic] to divide us, but there is far much more that unites us.”

A COUPLE OF ANTISEMITES: Corbyn with Forbes.

Jewish community leaders said in a joint statement that her social media activity brought her suitability for public office into question.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to comment on the social media activity – most likely because to him, such vile promotion of hatred towards Jews has become the norm. 

Former Peterborough Tory MP Stewart Jackson – a staunch Brexiteer who began campaigning for the UK to leave the EU many years before the referendum – shared a screenshot of the Facebook post in question.

Jackson wrote: “These are the views of Peterborough Labour Party candidate, Lisa Forbes. Appalling.” 

Forbes said she apologised “wholeheartedly for not calling out these posts”, adding: “Regardless of whether I am elected, I will deepen my understanding of antisemitism so I can act as an ally, challenging it wherever it occurs.”

Yet this isn’t the only incident of antisemitism relating to the Peterborough Labour Party. Last month, Politicalite exclusively exposed the endorsement of anti-semitism and Islamic extremism by two other members of the city’s Labour branch – one of whom was elected as a councillor in last month’s local elections.

Corbyn last week in Peterborough, posing with Forbes and a Labour Councillor who recently endorsed holocaust denial.

Forbes has rightly already been slammed by the Jewish community for her actions.

In a joint statement, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust said the revelation “brings in to question her suitability for public office”, adding that Ms Forbes’s claim to have not seen the words “stretches the limits of credulity”.

UK Jewish community leaders meet Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The statement by Marie van der Zyl, Simon Johnson and David Delew continued: “Ms Forbes also says she will seek antisemitism training. This is somewhat ironic given her previous rejection of the IHRA definition of antisemitism. 

We are fed up hearing that Labour opposes antisemitism while repeatedly hearing excuses that its members accidentally missed the racism that was staring them in the face.

Unless Labour disowns Lisa Forbes as a candidate, it will only confirm the Party’s shameful descent into the racist mess for which they are now being investigated by the EHRC.”

Ella Rose, equalities officer for the Jewish Labour Movement, added: “From anti-Jewish racism, transphobia and islamophobia to sexual harassment and misogyny, it’s clear that the Labour Party procedures are not fit for purpose. 

Until morality is put above factionalism and nepotism, the Labour Party will continue to fail to protect minority groups.”

Thursday’s by-election in Peterborough takes place after the removal of criminal Fiona Onasanya, who was elected for Labour but expelled after her conviction for perverting the course of justice. 

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