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RED ALERT! Labour Overtakes Tories in Polls Amid Free School Meals Row

LABOUR has sensationally over-taken the Tories in an Opiniom Westminister voting intention poll after a tumultuous week for Britain’s ruling party that saw so-called ‘Man of the People’ Boris Johnson show utter contempt for the working-class.

Opiniom revealed that Labour lead the Tories by 2 points. The Conservatives are down 2 points from a fortnight ago, while Labour are stable.

When it comes to the new tiers system the public are divided on the clarity of the rules and guidelines.

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Whilst half (50%) say they think the system is clear, 44% think the opposite.

Boris Johnson's Manchester headache is not going away – POLITICO

On a relate note around two-in-five (38%) think these new measures have not gone far enough in an effort to deal with the rise in cases. This is followed by 32% who think the measures are about right and 18% who think they have gone too far.

Indeed, a third (34%) say they aren’t confident they know what the rules are in their area.


The ‘Level Down’ Conservatives started the week at war with the Red Wall North in Greater Manchester over an extra £5m.

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The extra funds would have given GM Metro Mayor Andy Burnham emergency funding amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Burnham found out about the restrictions and financial deal for millions of northerners via the press LIVE on Television.

Days later the party voted to effectively starve some of Britain’s poorest kids in a Labour motion to give free-schools meals to underprivileged Brits over the Winter holidays.

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The row ended last night with one Tory MP branding poor people “illiterate” who spend their Food Vouchers on “Crack Cocaine” and “Brothels”.

Last night Opinium put Labour on a whopping 40% and The Nasty Party (Tories) on 38%, giving Labour boss Kier Starmer a 2 point lead for the first time since September.

We think the change is due to Brits refusing to let a Government take food away from the poorest and hand Coronavirus deals to some of the Tories biggest donors.

The Tory party also vowed “level up” the North at the last election, but ended up going to war with the working-class.

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The Tories risk losing the next election unless they can regain the narrative and be the working-class party that they said they would be in December 2019, we will keep holding them to account until they do.

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