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REVEALED: Labour-run Council gives MILLIONS in Tax-payer cash to Mosques



LABOUR-Run Bolton Council has been slammed by locals after it was revealed that the council had given over £1 million pounds to Mosques.

The Bolton News reported that “As part of the council’s faith subsidies, that gave several faith groups a total of £4m of tax-payer cash was spent on faith groups including the Bolton Hindu Forum (BHF), Bolton Christian Community Cohesion (BCCC) and Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM), and Bolton Interfaith Council received £2.1 million with more than half of the cash went to BCoM.”

A petition was launched after the spend was exposed by local activists including Chris Banks, who was later branded a ‘HATE MONGER’ by the Labour-run council leader.

Bolton Council defended the funding, despite a local poll indicating that 82% were against faith subsidies.


Chris Banks told The Bolton News: “The figures behind the funding show disconcerting levels of discrimination against different faiths in the allocation of funding.”

Chris handed a petition into the council at Bolton Town Hall, that received over 900 signatures but was attacked by council leader Linda Thomas.

He said: “We spoke about equality and we spoke fairly, finishing our speech with the hope that people express themselves through the local elections and not with any anger towards any faith groups.”

“She gave not only abusive insults about those who signed the petition but also [added] accusations that those who signed it had been racists.”

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