SMARMY STARMER: Labour Boss Accused Of FAKING Clap For NHS in ‘PR Stunt’ 

SIR Keir Starmer was accused of faking a clap for the NHS last night after he appeared to ask a Press Association cameraman “did you get all you need?”. 

In footage broadcast on Sky News, the Labour leader was seen clapping for the NHS and Carers but shortly after he said: ‘did you get all you need?’ before the footage swiftly cut to another shot. 

Twitter users were quick to slam the Labour leader with Tracey writing: “Sir Kier Starmer clapping for carers… he says to Sky News “Have you got WHAT YOU NEED coz we’ll get Lara back if that’s okay?” Well if that’s not staged I don’t know what is! PR stunt fail!”

Lorraine wrote: “What a shame that Kier Starmer is just clapping the NHS for publicity, listen to him carefully as he looks towards someone and asks if he has what they need because they have to go. Shameful”

Fera wrote: “Ha. Kier Starmer “clapping”, turns to reporter “have you got what you need?” Then stops. Forgetting camera still on him. Smarmy bastard obviously just clapping for the cameras. Either do it or don’t (I don’t anymore) but don’t f*cking pretend.”

Ian said: “Kier Starmer looked so disinterested in tonight’s #clapforourkeyworkers Saying on camera ‘you got what you need?’ before stopping clapping and walking off.” 

Freddie said:” Can’t believe @Keir_Starmer just said to the camera man ‘did you get all you need?’ as caught on @SkyNews #ClapForOurCarers #NHSclap 


A Press Association Cameraman however appeared to defend the Labour leader. 

He tweeted: “I’m that cameraman he was talking to – he asked me as a way to clear the path to bring his daughter over from across the road.” 

Although the cameraman appears to be a left-wing pro-remain Labour supporter. 

He’s tweeted jokes about Nigel Farage being described an ‘Illegal’ on the cover of The Metro and follows many of the nation’s worst left-wing journalists.  

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